Corduroy spotted on Twitter

-The caption on Twitter read “Coach Ray went skiing at Ribbon Creek today” Photo from XC Bragg Creek-

The above photo surfaced on Twitter today. My guess is that Tracksetter Jeff is doing some snowmobile grooming at Kananaskis village and Ribbon creek trails.

Update: As I hoped, here’s the report from TSJ(TrackSetter Jeff):

I was out on my skidoo roller packing today. Yesterday snowfall is already settling out considerably combine that with a few sections where the ground was stil warm enough you have what we say in the business a pop up ski day. Here one day gone the next. Skiing is possible but be very aware of all the early surprises and stay in the shadows as much as possible. Any downhill will be an exercise in rapid eye movement and a chance to work on your cat like reflexes.
Best chance at a decent ski is around the Village using the trails north of Woody’s. The s bends on Kovach are not recommended with lots of exposed dirt and rocks.
I took some photos at the Canmore Nordic Centre today. With new snow and cold weather, the conditions on Frozen Thunder looked superb.

Bill Bowler from Wisconsin is getting in shape for biathlon

Bill Bowler from Wisconsin is getting in shape for biathlon on Frozen Thunder

With the cold weather, the snow guns are going full blast at CNC:

Making snow while the sun shines

Making snow while the sun shines

By now you’ve probably seen the news regarding Moraine Lake road. Parks Canada informed me “grooming may not take place on Nov. 5th. Having some unforeseen sled issues…need time to get things ready. Hopefully….Nov. 6th.”

“Iron Man” Chuck has furnished a Trip Report for the third day in a row. He broke trail for 21K on the Great Divide today. His photos are always spectacular and today, the porcupine tracks were something I’d never seen before.

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