Green wax day

-Valerie, Anthony, and Lindsay on Moraine Lake road-

The snow on Moraine Lake road was mighty cold today. I used VR40(-4/-12) and it was grabbing. The air temperature was -7° when I started at 2:45 pm and -10 when finished skiing at 4:30 pm. The snow would have been even colder. I didn’t use green wax, but should have. A colder glide wax would have helped me go a little faster, too. There was no wind on MLR, which is surprising when observing the incredible snow plumes on the mountains.

Moraine Lake road had some fresh snow over yesterday's grooming

Moraine Lake road had some fresh snow over yesterday’s grooming

You know it’s cold when I have to start out with my down jacket on. It didn’t take long, about 10 minutes, ’til I was warmed up and in my usual garb, which is a thin base layer and a thin shell. On the return, when I came to the fast downhill, I put my warm jacket on again, along with a warmer toque.

Those aren't clouds. They're spectacular snow plumes coming off Temple Mountain.

Those aren’t clouds. They’re spectacular snow plumes coming off Temple Mountain.

I was reading the discussion on Ask a Question, Leave a Comment, started by Judy, “How does one decide what kind of clothes to wear for skiing?” If you can offer any advice, please leave a comment. This is especially useful information for new skiers.

The curve at 7K on Moraine Lake road

The curve at 7K on Moraine Lake road

The trail had about 6-8 cm of fresh snow on top of yesterday’s tracksetting, but the tracks were still well-defined for the most part. The return track was a little wobbly in places.

At 6.3K I was thrilled to meet Valerie, Anthony, and Lindsay on the trail. It was unusual to see Anthony with a toque rather than his chef’s hat. They took a day off from preparing delicious food at the Market Bistro to enjoy a day on the ski trail. The Market Bistro is a handy place to stop for after-ski refreshments and food if you’re skiing at the Canmore Nordic Centre. It was Anthony’s first time ever on MLR and he was impressed. If you’ve never skied on MLR, you can watch a video which will give you a taste of what it’s like.

Bow River loop is in nice shape

Bow River loop is in nice shape

I checked a couple other trailheads at Lake Louise and found lots of new snow but no new grooming activity. Pipestone trails and Fairview should be on the agenda especially with this next dump of snow which is expected tomorrow(Tuesday).

Weather warning from Environment Canada

Weather warning from Environment Canada(Click for larger image)

If you’re looking for a place to ski with your dog, I’ve included a couple photos of the Bow River Loop. It has been groomed, has good coverage, and has skier tracks. It connects to the Campground Loop and all told, you could probably do about 10K if you skied the whole network.

Click for larger image

Tramline is trackset and in excellent condition.

I was glad to hear from DS that Baker creek to Protection Mtn was trackset. I’m wondering if it is also trackset between Protection Mtn and Castle Lookout.

Fantastic news from GB regarding the grooming on Whiskey Jack. There must be some other trails in PLPP which have seen grooming activity.(Update: See Groomer’s Report from Jody)

PLPP is supposed to receive 19 cm of snow tomorrow according to the Snow Forecast.

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