Guess the trail 2015 Game #4

I’m hoping that Doug is at work, which will give others a chance to play the game before he identifies them all. 🙂 

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

First, let’s look at the weather.

The forecast has changed slightly and it would appear that Lake Louise is in for a huge snowfall, with smaller amounts forecast for K-Country. Fortress Mountain has been downgraded to 29 cm, while Lake Louise is now at 60 cm.

There are unique identifying features in all these photos but I’m hoping it will be a little more challenging than the last game.

How many of these trails can you identify? #1 should be easy; I’ll be surprised if anyone can get #10.



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  1. #5 – It’s either Goat Creek or the other one.

  2. Is #5 the Emerald Lake Connector?

    • There are only two trails which have bridges exactly like this one and they are in Banff national park. Hint: notice the ridge of snow in the middle?

  3. Ok, these are definitely harder, thanks Bob :-). Some guesstimates for numbers that haven’t been identified yet:

    5 – ???
    9 – Nakiska at the very bottom before long hill up to Skogan Pass

  4. Some wild guesses:
    5. Redearth Creek
    6. Spray River
    7. Cascade Fire Road
    8. Lookout North
    9. Wedge Connector

  5. #10 new Pocaterra in PLPP

  6. Number 10 looks like the old Ruthie’s Trail.

  7. #1 elk pass and patterson junction
    #2 tyrwhitt at PLPP
    #3 Lodgepole trail in PLPP
    #4 Castle junction to lake louise
    #5 Tramline at lake Louise
    #6 Goat creek
    #7 elk pass
    #8 Fox creek #9 ribbon creek #10 Wooley in PLPP

    • You got #1 and #4 correct. #4 would officially be considered Baker creek to Castle Lookout, but close enough. #6 was close but Goat creek eventually joins this trail.

  8. Number 1 is the Elk Pass trail
    2 is somewhere in the Smith Dorrien 🙂 Watridge?
    No 3 is Tyrwhitt

    • 3 for 3! #1 is Elk pass where it meets Patterson. The sign in #2 is unique to Watridge Lake road. #3 is a view on Tyrwhitt that I especially enjoy.

  9. I am skiing at LL today but will sit back and give others a chance!

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