Skogan pass and Hummingbird Plume

The photos were sent from Ribbon Creek Tracksetter Jeff’s phone around 1 pm today. He was obviously scouting out the territory by snowmobile and checking snow depths.

Skogan loop. Photo by Tracksetter Jeff

Skogan loop. Photo by Tracksetter Jeff

If you’re not familiar with Hummingbird Plume and Sunburst, they’re in the Skogan pass area. Jeff will be sending in a more complete report later, with info on the lower trails. Check the Groomer’s Reports on the main menu for the update(from TSJ).

Thanks for the Trip Reports today. Glad to hear the trail crews were out at Lake Louise. I got the impression that it was a waxless ski day with all the wet snow, yet Daena was having fun: “It was slow, it was soft, it was FANTASTIC!”

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