Skaters, here’s your opportunity


Mt Shark trailhead

Mt Shark trailhead

Most of the Mt Shark skate trails were groomed yesterday. These should be in prime condition for the next few days.

The Banff trail report already shows Moraine Lake road in Lake Louise being groomed today. I wonder when the other trails in Banff will be groomed, such as Redearth creek, Healy creek and the remainder of Cascade valley?

It’s cold in Canmore this morning. My thermometer registers -21. I’m going to give it some time to warm up a bit, then head out to Ribbon creek and ski on the trails which were trackset yesterday.

Even if it does warm up to the forecast high of -7, I expect the snow will remain very cold throughout the day.

This moment captured on video could have turned into a prickly situation. Young porcupine climbs up on man looking for warmth

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