You know conditions are great when…

… the weather forecast calls for no more snow, and we’re happy about it.

Last year, in mid-February, we were suffering through one of the worst winters in memory, but we all had a good laugh when I posted this: You know conditions are BAD when… and we’d get comments like this…”when your spouse buys a life insurance policy for you” or “the Pisten-Bully battery goes dead from lack of use.”

This year, I’m thrilled to post the other side of that coin, and the comment that prompted me was Keith Bagnall’s comment which said: “It will be great all this week now with no snow in the forecast.” Just wow. We had a nice little snowfall last night which covered the pine needles, and now it will be clean sailing on good tracks all week.

Feel free to add your own comments.

You know conditions are great when…


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  1. ..Chuck is skiing Tunnel Mountain campground trails!
    ..Alf is skiing every day!

  2. When the picnic tables are marshmallows
    When you don’t want to eat your lunch

  3. You spend more time grooming than skiing.

  4. Regardless of the fact that past Friday the long range forecast has no snow. Nope, never happy when there is no snow in the forecast and its winter. Yes conditions may be good now but this time next week betcha they won’t and you’ll be saying SNOW PLEASE.

  5. Never happy about it not snowing in Winter!! Rocks already starting to show at CNC from grooming.

  6. ….there are bear tracks on ski trails.

  7. You are overwhelmed reading all of the great trip reports on this blog.

  8. …it’s mid-November and nobody has to drive to Lake Louise.

    …every trail at the Canmore Nordic Centre is a “natural snow” trail.

    …Ski Shops are advertising “Help Wanted”

    …my back is sore from shovelling snow

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