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Emerald Lake. Photo by Gary Marshall

Emerald Lake. Photo by Gary Marshall

“Emerald Lake and the surrounding areas are truly spectacular. There is no better view to be had than the peaks around the lake on a cold, bright, sunny day” -Wendy

The fifth annual “Win 2 free nights at Emerald Lake Lodge” contest is now on. You can enter on the contest page by leaving a comment or sending in a photo. It doesn’t have to be a photo of Emerald Lake, it can be anything that you think others will enjoy seeing.

SAM_3686You can enter at any time up to Dec 30, 2015. Take note of the one change to the contest this year: You receive one entry for a comment, or one entry for a photo(it used to be 2 entries for a photo).

The contest page can be accessed at any time from the Main Menu under “Contests” or from the banner under the header.

Please enter on the contest page, not on this update. I’ve made it so that no comments can be left on this update.


Needle patrol

The despised winds are back in some locations and will no doubt create a bout of “needlemania” on some trails. I was pleased to see Aaron’s trip report from today, where he specifically mentioned no debris on the Great Divide trail:

“Went up to Lake Louise today and skied the Divide. I thought with the recent winds there would be plenty of needles and debris, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it not only perfectly clean, but also JUST groomed. I put down the first skate marks of the day! It was glorious, so I did it twice.” -Aaron

MaSid had this to say about Whiskey jack: “Debri was worst on upper half of whiskey jack, but the steeper snow plow sections had been miraculously scraped.” (Check MaSid’s trip report to see a photo of the couch he built somewhere today)

Trip Reports will be more important than ever for the next few days.

Recent grooming in PLPP on Pocaterra should help bury the debris if there was any there.

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