Saturday morning update

Wedge connector. Photo by Thea Wingert

Wedge connector. Photo by Thea Wingert

Above is the latest entry in the Emerald Lake Lodge contest from Thea Wingert.

Sheila sent a first-hand account of the Sandy McNabb trails which differs from the Live Grooming Report. Apparently it was packed but no tracksetting, and there are still marginal conditions.

Tracksetter Jody left a Groomer’s Report regarding the new tracksetting in PLPP. It sounds like it could be the perfect day out there.

For those who are trying to achieve the highest hill pain score, Skogan pass was trackset last night all the way to the summit. Also Sunburst, High level and Hummingbird Plume.

Moraine Lake road and the Great Divide in Lake Louise were trackset on Wednesday. Pipestone was done on Monday.

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