Ski clubs

I received an email from a Calgarian asking about ski clubs…

“I do not belong to a ski club and I don’t actually know of one for XC. Do you have any suggestions on a ski club I can join?”

I imagine that each club has something unique to offer, so the one you join would depend on what your priorities and expectations are.

If you are a member of a ski club, or can speak on behalf of a ski club, let us know what you offer to a prospective member. The clubs I’m aware of are listed on the page Ski Lessons.


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  1. Thanks to all of you for your feedback! I appreciate it!

  2. Another club is the Norseman Ski Club which goes out both weekdays and weekends and has no age parameters Also, there is the Calgary Ski Club that has no upper age parameter either. I have belonged to both and they are super.

  3. The Calgary Outdoor Club has outdoor events almost every day, including lots of XC events. Some are lessons, some are relaxed pace events, others are for the speed demons, and others still are ski trips to huts. In short, there’s something for everyone.

    We are also a club that is free to join for anyone, and only ask for $2 donations per event to cover our costs. For the more active members, one can join to become a Premier member for $25, valid for 12 months from date of purchase (not January – December). This will cover all your $2 donations, give you discounts at places like Campers Village (including national park passes), pubs, our annual Premier Member Appreciation Party (where chances of winning gift cards to places like MEC, Campers Village, etc.) are great, and more.

    Come on out and join us, or e-mail if you have any questions.

    Barbara B.
    Vice President & Event Coordinator, Calgary Outdoor Club

  4. There is also the Second Sixties who go out on Wednesdays by bus. You only have to be 50+. The club is currently at maximum membership of 250 members, but usually have some openings at club year end at the end of August each year.

    Hiking, x-country skiing and snowshoeing on Wednesdays, city walking on Monday AM (year round) and golfing on Monday afternoons during the summer.

    Thursdays there is also the Fifth Dimension Seniors Outdoor club who also go out year round by bus. Not a member of this club but know some members.

    Ther are plenty of options for seniors in Calgary and area. I also think there are some other clubs in the other towns and cities around the area like in Canmore, etc.

    Hope this also helps..

  5. Hi Bob,
    I belong to two seniors clubs who offer hiking in the summer and xc skiing (or snow shoeing) in the winter. There are some conditions that need to be met but the easiest (for some) is the person must be 55 years or older. I know of five seniors clubs who travel by 55 passenger bus from Calgary to the various areas On Mondays it is the M&M’s (Monday and Mountains), Tuesday it is the Seniors’ Outdoor Club of Calgary, Thursday it is the Evergreen Seniors Outdoor Club and Friday it is the Skrastins Outdoor Club.
    There is a Coalition of Calgary Seniors’ Outdoor Clubs (est. 2003) the above and others belong to. Go to this link to view
    Hope this helps.

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