Wednesday morning update

Above is the latest in the “Goat creek video series” which illustrates how the ridge in the middle of the trail can precipitate a serious situation.

The infamous Goat creek ridge

The infamous Goat creek ridge

The video doesn’t show the ridge very well, but it was just fortunate that I was able to maneuver over it without crashing. The skiers in front of me are not at fault in any way; it’s my responsibility to slow down or go around them. In this case, I couldn’t slow down because I didn’t have enough width to snowplow.

When watching a video, you can see it in full screen if you click the rectangle in the lower right hand corner. You can hear good music if you turn up your volume.

TSJ trackset Bill Milne, Wedge, and Ribbon creek last night. I hope the blasted chinook which is on the horizon doesn’t damage the West Bragg Creek and Ribbon creek trails too much. Get out there today or tomorrow while the snow is still cold.

The fat bikes stayed out of the tracks on Goat creek

Fat bikes on Goat creek

Mighty cold it is, too, this morning in Canmore At 11:30 am it’s still -18°C on my thermometer, which is an improvement over the -20 four hours ago. The weather forecasts are calling for a high of -10 or -6 depending on which one you believe. The “unreliable” PLPP web cam is registering -9 right now.

So far, there are two other videos in the “Goat Creek Video Series:”

Goat creek downhill to Spray bridge

What to expect on first km of Goat creek; passing fat bikers and walkers

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