West Bragg creek

Groomer Bill on Mountainview at West Bragg Creek

Groomer Bill on Mountainview at West Bragg Creek

This report from Jeff at West Bragg Creek came in at 1:15 pm today:

We’ve had 2 cm of snow over the last 24 hours which has enabled us to freshen up the already consolidated base. Amazingly, the chinooks had little effect on the trail system apart from some debris from the conifers.

The following trails have been groomed and track set: Iron Springs N and S, Elbow trail N, Sundog, all Crystal Lines including connectors,
Hostel, Bunny, Chickadee, Mountain Road, Loggers Loop, and Moose Loop. All are in very good condition.

Mountain View West has been groomed but not track set yet. It has a few natural hazards where the base is thin, but is proving to be a great addition to our trail system.

Overall, we are in great shape and more snow is in the forecast. Get out and enjoy!!

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