Waxless ski weather

I didn’t ski today, but I’m anxious to hear the the trip reports. So far, Bev, Barry and Doug are reporting just what I’d expect. The temperature reached as high as +7°C in Canmore today, and our first trip report, from Bev, was extolling the virtues of skintecs on wet snow. Guess I’ll have to try and find mine. It’s been nice, not having to think about waxless skis.

We had two-and-a-half fabulous months of cold weather, excellent snow conditions, easy waxing, no needlemania, no ice, no tree bombs, and no snow fleas. I don’t recall such an incredible stretch of good skiing, at least not since I’ve started the blog.

I’d sure be interested to hear from anyone who was at Lake Louise today. That’s the one place where we can usually rely on cold snow when everywhere else is melting.

Thankfully the forecast is calling for cooler temperatures and a cm or two of snow tomorrow. We had a brief scare a couple months ago when it warmed up for one day and rained, but it was followed immediately by cold temperatures and snow which fixed things up. Here’s hoping.


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  1. HELP ! I have a pair of Karhu Cross Country Skis. They have a special grip for really wet conditions. I use fine sand paper to freshen them up, It’s I believe called a multigrade polimar, The skis are old now and I need a replacement pair. They extend skiing into 40= degree and work amazing. Anyone help me with where to purchase another pair?
    Thanks for you time.
    John Murphy

  2. Yesterday was definitely a great classic ski day at West Bragg Creek. -2 in the morning after +8 Friday evening on older snow: Universal Klister coated with red wax and a little multi grade for the below zero start, made perfect grip on icy uphills and fast speeds on descents. Not so good for my klister eschewing counterparts however.

  3. You know, Bob, klister truly can be your friend!?

  4. Looks like the Almanac nailed it again

  5. Nordic Centre air temp was +3/+4 today. Skating was excellent due to extensive grooming almost everywhere. Skin skis worked great in the classic tracks.

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