Ski Tour Canada contest: Win Two Free Dinners from the Market Bistro

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(Entries to this contest are closed)

Pick a winner, and you could be a winner!

If you’re interested in a $50 credit towards a delicious meal at The Market Bistro in Canmore, simply leave a comment on this page with the name of an item from The Market Bistro’s menu and the name of a Canadian ski racer who you think might podium during the Canmore events.

All the Canadians who are participating in the Ski Tour are listed here: 26 Canadian skiers in the Ski Tour

Cut-off for entries will be at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday March 6 at 8:00 a.m., or when we receive 50 entries, whichever comes first. The winner’s name will be drawn from a hat.

Market BistroAdditional prize possible:

For everyone who picks a Canadian skier who podiums(1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any race in Canmore), one entry will be picked for an additional $50 dinner.

Ski Tour Canada races can be seen live on the internet.

One entry per person.

We’ve reached 50 entries, so entries to this contest are now closed.


  1. Alex has the best shot a podium, but I am hoping for some surprises as well- really looking forward to the races. My net is barely working at the moment and no menu access so I will just have to cheat and pick from the other 49 choices and I’ll go with the apple pie.

  2. Hmmmm Lemon pie…
    One slice for Harvey too 🙂

  3. Definitively Alex Harvey. And definitively Anthony Famous Lemon Pie.

  4. Pulled pork sandwich

  5. le parisien
    Alex Harvey

  6. Nachos!!!!

    Go Ivan Babikov


    Alex Harvey
    THE MOUNTAINEER – gota love the egg dipped bagel!

  9. Cassoulet
    Alex Harvey

  10. Chicken Marbella
    Go Alex go!

  11. Anthony’s Famous Lemon Pie…. 🙂

    Dahria Beatty as she didnt laugh when I fell doing about 1km/h in front of her!

  12. I like the sound of Incredible French Apple Pie.

    Alex Harvey is the one.

  13. Go Devon Kershaw!

    Pulled pork pizza sounds great!!

  14. Tomato Bisque and Alex Harvey to the podium

  15. Nothing like a cassoulet, especially when recommended by Chuck and Jeannette.

    Go Alex Harvey

  16. Go Alex Harvey!


  17. Devon Kershaw all the way!
    And Med lasagna for breakfast!!

  18. Go Alex Harvey!
    The Braised Beef Brisket sounds great.

    Alex Harvey
    a winning combination

  20. GO Dahria Beatty GO!
    and I’m not sharing my Cassoulet!

  21. We’ll be there, cheering on our Canadians, including
    Alex Harvey
    and dreaming of

  22. If I win, I’m taking Jenn Jackson out for a Beef Brisket Baguette.

  23. Anthony’s Famous Lemon Pie would be well deserved after a podium by Alex Harvey

  24. Tom
    Cassoulet/Alex Harvey

  25. That pulled pork sandwich, and Alex Harvey comes from behind to snag third in the pursuit!

  26. The Mountaineer and Alex Harvey


    Alex Harvey.

    Alex Harvey hopefully

  29. Thinking about the Market Wrap is making me hungry.
    Go Alex Harvey, and the rest of the Canadian crew!

  30. Tomato Bisque please
    And Alex Harvey hopefully podiums in the classic sprint

  31. Cassoulet
    Alex Harvey
    Go Team Canada!!


    Hoping for a podium finish by any of the Canadians. My best bet is

    Thanks for the chance.

  33. Chicken Marbella.
    Cheering for a win for Alex Harvey

  34. Alex Harvey
    Braised Beef Brisket

  35. Go Andrea Dupont!!
    Le Parisien

  36. French Onion soup is good.
    I’ll just mention Alex Harvey.

  37. Alex Harvey has the best shot. Chicken Marbella soundsgreat!

  38. I vote for Sophie Carrier-Laforte for the podium and a menu item at the Market: duck breast.

  39. Alex Harvey,
    Hand Rolled Pasta, yummy.

  40. GO Sophie Carrier-Laforte! LE PARISIEN …du CANADA!

  41. I would enjoy the Pizza Al Prosciutto

    I pick Len Valjas to podium!

  42. I could use a bowl of the French Onion soup right now!
    Thinking Alex Harvey is looking good.

  43. I would choose the pizza to celebrate Alex Harvey getting onto the podium!

  44. Pulled Pork Sandwich: Personal experience attests to its deliciousness.

    Dahria Beatty who is having a great year.

  45. This looks as if it would be good -pizza vegetarian.
    The Canadian skier that I think will win will be Alex Harvey.

  46. My favorite: The Mountaineer!

    And I’ll go with the consensus and also choose Alex Harvey to podium. Good luck to all our skiers!


  47. Cassoulet (with a duck leg confit, of course), ‘coz that’s what I’m going to order when I win!
    I think Devon Kershaw is going to make it to the podium, among others. GO TEAM CANADA!

  48. Let me think, which Canuck? ……. Ah yes, Alex Harvey
    ‘Salmon Filet Salad’ looks like a good menu item

  49. I’m happy that we will be able to once again show CNC to the world soon. I’m hoping that Alex Harvey will podium. At MB I would have a tough time deciding but would be pretty tempted by the Cassoulet.

  50. Chef’s trio of tapas
    Alex Harvey

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