Wild flowers on Pigeon Mountain

Summer is officially here and today was the longest day of the year. Starting tomorrow, the days get shorter and in four-and-a-half months we get snow again! 🙂

Wildflowers on Pigeon mountain

Wild flowers on Pigeon mountain

I was probably a couple weeks too late to see the spectacular carpet of wildflowers which Pigeon mountain is known for, but there were still a good variety to look at today.

I also had the good fortune to see a bird’s nest which was well-hidden in the native grasses. I would never have seen it if the mother bird hadn’t flown up right in front of me. It truly amazes me how she can find her nest when she returns with food.

The first photo gallery below is from today. A few of the photos were taken along the trail to Pigeon mountain.

The second set of photos was from 2004 when I made my first hike up Pigeon mountain with the Calgary Ski Club. The flowers were spectacular that year. As Keith pointed out on the previous post, it’s already too late to see shooting stars.

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