An explosion of flavour along Three Sisters creek

Wild strawberries are ripe and I had a small feast of them today along Three Sisters creek.

Wild strawberriesNothing compares to the intense flavour of these delightful little morsels. I don’t know if the strawberries are ripe at higher elevations yet, but the best location I ever found for them was along the Commonwealth Lake trail. I wrote a blog post about it here Her lips tasted like wild strawberries.

For flood mitigation, Three sisters creek has had a lot of excavation work completed along its banks and it no longer is the pretty little creek of pre-flood days. It used to be teeming with wild flowers which are now mostly gone, so I guess it’s a bonus to find the strawberries.

Below are a couple “Before and After” picture of Three Sisters Creek(Click on photo for a larger image).

Three sisters creek

Three sisters creek


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