Frozen thunder under construction

-Grading Frozen Thunder with the snow cat-

Paul had just jumped into the snow cat when I arrived at Frozen Thunder around 5 pm. He was about to make the first pass to start smoothing out the snow on the one loop which is all snow-covered, about 900 metres in length.

Paul expects it will require about 6 passes to grade the snow, then a further 6 to till it. It will then be ready for a final grooming and tracksetting.

Frozen Thunder is getting smoothed out

Frozen Thunder is getting smoothed out

Frozen Thunder will be open for public use after 12:00 noon on weekdays and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.  A day pass or “Early Season Pass” is required to ski Frozen Thunder prior to November 19.

A big thank you to everyone who contacted the city of Calgary re: snowmaking at Confederation and Shaganappi golf courses.

My statistics show that 237 people clicked over to the city’s website from this blog.

The president of Foothills Nordic Ski Club left this comment:


The Nordic community has provided the City with an overwhelming number of messages of support for our initiative.

Our voice has been heard loud and clear! Foothills thanks everyone for their support and no further feedback to the City is required at this time.

Thanks again everyone!

Kevin McLean, President
Foothills Nordic Ski Club,
Calgary, AB

Carsen Campbell just informed me of this Facebook page for selling used gear. Nordic Buy and Sell

I’m predicting that Thursday Dec 15 will be a perfect day for skiing with the best conditions of the winter on every trail. How do I know? It’s because I can’t ski that day. I have a “previous commitment” that arose today. While you’re out on the snow enjoying a lovely day with cold snow and wonderful tracks, I’ll be in court fighting a traffic ticket. Today, I went in and explained to the crown why I shouldn’t have been ticketed, and they offered to cut the fine in half and ding me with only two demerit points. I refused their offer because I am a man of principal and can’t be bought(not that easily, anyway!).

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  1. So I read between the lines that you got a ride in the snow cat as he was grooming ! Cool.
    Was that a first for you?

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