Guess the trail #2

Update: Congratulations to Steve Riggs for completing the puzzle in Game #1. Photo #9 is Patterson trail in PLPP. It looks like #9 will be the tough one here, too. 

I’m going to leave you wondering and guessing for a while longer at Photo #9 on the previous game, but I thought you did pretty well at getting 9 out of 10 already. There are some tough ones in this next one, but as always, the easy one is right at the top. Let’s see how you do.


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  1. Pic # 9 Rolly road training grid where my first ski lesson and 1st fall took place.

    Congrats!(on the correct guess, not the fall). All 10 have been correctly identified, so I’ve labeled the photos. -Bob

  2. Is number 2 Ribbon Creek?

    Yes. -Bob

  3. The top one is Elk Pass.
    1. Blueberry Hill -correct
    2. ??
    3. Boulton Creek -correct
    4. Fox Creek/Elk Pass Junction
    5. ??
    6. Pocaterra -correct
    7. Evan Thomas – near Wedge Pond (beautiful picture by the way) Partially correct. Officially it’s Wedge Connector, but close enough.The “Wedge” is almost discernible if you look closely. One of my favourite photos from last winter.
    8. Alison Chinook area??
    9. Wheeler?
    I must say I can’t wait to find out where these trails are so I can ski them!

    Hint: All these trails are in Kananaskis Country. -Bob

  4. The very top easy one at the top is Elk Pass.
    Then the slideshow. Is Bob being tricky here? As some actually show 2 trails if I am correct.

    I’ve written my answers in bold type. -Bob
    1-Blueberry Hill -correct.
    2-??? -Surprised you didn’t get this one, but the look has changed since the flood. Recognizing the mountain is key.
    3-Boulton Creek -correct(see answer to Wendy)
    4-Moraine-Fox Creek junction -correct
    5-Skogan Pass-Skogan Loop junction. -I’m impressed! Correct.
    6-Pocaterra -correct. Easy one.
    7-Terrace (or maybe Terrace Link) -No
    8-Bill Milne -correct
    10- Link (Ribbon Creek) -correct

    Good job, Steve. We still need 2, 7, 9.

  5. 1. Kicking Horse River Trail?
    3. Boulton Creek?

    #3 is correct. Officially, this is the start of Whiskey Jack, but it’s right at Boulton Bridge. It sort of overlaps with Boulton Creek. -Bob

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