Guess the trail 2016

Update: Now that all have been correctly named, I’ve labeled the photos in the gallery. Photo at the top is Lake Minnewanka road(access to Cascade valley).

While we’re waiting for the snow, it’s always fun to play this game. Looking at these photos increases the anticipation. There’s no prize, just bragging rights.
Last year, it took no longer than a couple hours for readers to get them all right, so to make it last longer, this first set of photos will be difficult.

A reminder, today is the last day to get the 10% discount on season passes for the Canmore Nordic Centre. You can purchase them online.

The snow forecast shows 5 cm for Lake Louise today/tomorrow. One of the below photos is from a Lake Louise trail.

The trails pictured  below are numbered 1 – 10. How many can you name?


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  1. #9 – Blueberry Hill? Either that or Elk Pass in the vicinity of the Blueberry Hill Junction.

  2. # 9- PLPP Meadow trail?

  3. #9 looks like Patterson to me.

    You win! -Bob

  4. Is #9 PLPP – Whiskey Jack? It is maddeningly familiar…. : )

  5. Is #9 Protection Mt. Campground?

  6. 1- pipestone clockwise, outer loop ! Can’t be lk minn road!!!
    9- PLPP Trywit
    10 – trail to Shadow Lk Lodge

    Other pic – agree with Diana

    #10 is Redearth Creek as you get near to Shadow lake Lodge. The main photo at the top of the post is Lake Minnewanka road which accesses Cascade valley. #1 in the gallery is the Pipestone Loop near the north end.

    #9 is the only one which hasn’t been guessed correctly. -Bob

  7. Is No. 7 the Yoho Valley Road?

    Yes. Some people refer to it as “Takkakaw Falls” road.-Bob

  8. My two cents worth:

    1. Pipestone outer loop
    2. Tunnel Mtn campground
    3. Georgetown/ Banff trail
    4. Goat Creek???
    5. Ribbon Creek: Terrace/ Kovach jct
    6. West Bragg: West Crystal Line
    7. Yoho Valley Road
    8. trail along 1A hwy, part of Lake Louise – Banff loppet trail — does it have a name?? (west of Castle Lookout)
    9. PLPP — Woolley
    10. Emerald Lake??

    I’ll give you 75%. #9 & #10 are incorrect, and you only get half marks for #3(see Peter’s answer). I refer to #8 as “Baker Creek to Castle Lookout.” It should have a better/shorter name. -Bob

  9. No. 3 is Cold Shoulder at the Nordic Centre

    Yes! -Bob

  10. The first one is the Lake Minnewanka access road heading to the Cascade Fire road??

    Correct. That was the easy one! -Bob

  11. Cascade Fire Road??

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