Where to find the trail report for Lake Louise

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Lake Louise is in Banff National Park and you have to look at the Banff trail report to find Moraine Lake road  and all the other trails at LL. It’s on the main menu under Trail Reports – Banff. Very rarely is it up-to-date, as you can see “Grooming has not started for the 2016-17 season.”

Truth be known, these inadequate, late, deficient trail reports are why I started this blog in the first place. In the nine years since this blog began, I’ve seen a considerable improvement in the trail reports from Kananaskis Country, which includes the Canmore Nordic Centre. The Live Grooming Reports have been amazing at conveying timely information to skiers.

You can see what was groomed this morning(Nov 18) at CNC. This is a shortened version of Frozen Thunder. Parts of the trail are closed for snow-making.

weather-stationsOf course, you’ll always find up-to-date trail info on the “Trip Reports” page of this blog. Right now, you can read more about the grizzly bear on the Great Divide from Anna, MaSid, and Chuck who were there.

New weather stations

The avalanche bulletin has added some new weather stations. This morning, it’s -13° with 17 cm snow depth at Mud Lake(which is near Chester Lake trailhead). Snow depth at Burstall Pass is a whopping 73 cm. I’ve added the link to the increasingly-lengthy Weather menu.

Parks Canada’s new snowmobiles

Results of Parks Canada's budget cutbacks

Results of Parks Canada’s budget cutbacks

I just couldn’t pass this up.


I’m a member of a Facebook page for people who went to school in my hometown of Midale, SK, and this unique photo was recently posted.

The man in the photo, Charlie Scharnatta, created this snowmobile in the early fifties for the school principal who was physically handicapped.

Three of my siblings on top of a snowbank in 1954

Three of my siblings on top of a snowbank in 1954

Charlie was an expert welder and, as a small kid, I remember going to his place with my dad to get repairs done on our farm machinery. He always had a roll-your-own dangling from his mouth. I don’t think he smoked more than one a day, but it was always there. He could open his mouth and talk to you without the cigarette falling out.

His daughter is the moderator of the Facebook group and you can see her faintly in the window. Charlie had a ’57 Chrysler which I was fascinated with. It was a two-door hardtop with swivel bucket seats!

Anyway, we seemed to get a lot more snow in those days.

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