Burning off energy at the nordic centre

-Karen and daughter Jill at Canmore Nordic Centre-

As I approached the ski trail at Canmore Nordic Centre, two lovely ladies were clicking into their skis, ready to set off into the -18°C frozen, dark, windy abyss.

Ian and Reid were enjoying the skate skiing at Canmore Nordic Centre

Ian and Reid were enjoying the skate skiing at Canmore Nordic Centre

I said to them, “you must be crazy!” “No crazier than you,” one of them replied. Jill and Karen seemed to be in good spirits for such a cold night. It was Karen’s first time on skis in at least 20 years she said.

The biathlon range was busy

The biathlon range was busy

Conditions are excellent on the man-made snow. Great tracks, cold snow, easy waxing, good grip. The most difficult part of this cold weather is just getting started. I wore my warm coat but within five minutes I was heated up enough to exchange it for a lighter jacket.

The lower section of the Banff loop has plenty of snow, it’s leveled, and just waiting to be groomed and trackset. I sure wish that warming hut would open.

Caption this photo

Caption this photo. Mine would be “Burning off energy at the nordic centre”

I went to the end of the tracksetting and back, and did a little extra on Frozen Thunder. I could hear the pop-pop-pop of the rifles from the biathlon range which was busy.

With the lights, and the cold, my camera took some unusual pictures. Maybe you can caption the photo at the right.

Setting off from the daylodge

Setting off from the daylodge

I saw at least 30 skiers in the short time I was there, not counting all the skiers at the biathlon range.

Nice to hear from Zuzana that Cascade Valley has been groomed.

In PLPP today, tracksetting occurred on Elk Pass(partial), Lookout, Hydroline, and Upper Pocaterra.

All the Pipestone trails have been recently groomed(not trackset).

It looks like we have to endure these cold temperatures for two or three more days. Environment Canada is calling for a high of -7 in Banff on Sunday. Weather Network’s high in Canmore on Monday is -6 and there’s even some snow in the forecast!

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