Overheard at the dogpark(time for a rant)

busybody2I overheard two women at the Quarry Lake offleash dogpark talking about me in unflattering terms yesterday(DogwalkerBob isn’t so recognizable!). I have two suggestions for you: 1) delete my bookmark from your computer and don’t come back. I don’t want you reading this blog because you will taint it with your negativity. 2) try working at your job for free. No paycheques. For the next eight years.

busybody4These two humourless busybodies were being critical of me for daring to do such a tacky thing as putting up a donations page(with a funny title: Help SkierBob eat…!). I’ve had a few readers suggest that I make available a method of donating because they want to show their appreciation. The information on this blog is free for everyone. No one is forced to contribute.

busybody3Over the past eight years, I estimate that I’ve invested a minimum of 6,000 hours of my time on this blog(that does not include any skiing). Not to mention the costs associated with it. For example, I use a fast-loading website host so you don’t have to wait 5 seconds every time you log in. It doesn’t come free. I go through a couple cameras every season. I ski more often than I would if I wasn’t operating this blog which makes for wear and tear on a vehicle and gas expense.

busybodyWould I have ventured out in -20 degree weather this week if I didn’t have gazillions of readers who were depending on me to update them with ski conditions? Probably not.

One thing I made sure NOT to do when I started this blog was to accept Google advertising. I believe it would cheapen the value to my local sponsors to be competing with internet businesses with no investment in the local community. I receive a small income from the advertising on here. I am grateful to my advertisers who see the value of having their name in front of my thousands of readers.

busybody7I, and every Canadian, is forced to contribute through taxes a $30 donation every year to CBC who also has advertising. At least with me you have a choice.

There is no other xc ski blog on the face of the earth like this one, and it’s because I love my job. It doesn’t pay well, but I am rewarded with compliments and praise on a daily basis. Unfortunately, praise and compliments won’t pay the bills.


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  1. Knowing that you’ve had a run-in with someone who used anonymity to attack you (something you blogged about last year), but you still allow anonymous trip reports and comments, makes me appreciative of the time and effort it takes to filter the garbage out. If this blog required a Facebook or Google sign-in, you’d never hear from me. I appreciate that you put up with the resultant workload. Good law abiding people require anonymity too. For whatever reason…. perhaps they work in public safety jobs that require it. Perhaps they are just playing hookey. People who use anonymity can still contribute on your blog. For that, and for that alone, I will hand you cash next time I see you on the trail…. Which is fairly often. Don’t be so alarmed, Bob, when people request not to be photographed.

  2. Hi Bob,
    Your website is a true labour of love. Your passion for the sport of cross country skiing comes through loud & proud. “SkiHere” provides invaluable current information & has become a forum for the broad community of cross country ski enthusiasts. We are appreciative beneficiaries of your dedicated hard work.
    We are happy to make a contribution for the cause! 🙂

  3. Wow some people don’t understand what “donate” means. Evidently they also have no idea the amount of effort that goes in to creating this masterpiece. I stumbled across this beautiful creation quite by accident a couple of years ago and I’ve watched it blossom from the west coast with boundless envy. Last year I had the good fortune of spending time in Canmore and Lake Louise during the boundless snow of mid November and became an addict. Without your site I would probably never have found MLR or the Great Divide. Absolutely brilliant! I did notice a proliferation of advertising this year but rather than being offended I was more than impressed that enough people cared to give you a boost and gain exposure with like minded people. I’ve worked in and around the Nordic ski industry for over a decade and I can verify the rewards are hardly ever financial. The real value comes from interacting with people like yourself who are generous in both mind and spirit. Thanks again to you and everyone who cares enough to post and help share the joys of our Canadian winters. Even though I’m far away in Squamish BC I don’t go a day without checking in to see what’s going on in the neighbours backyard. My wish for you all is some fresh snow to fuel your obvious passion. Thanks for your generosity!

  4. You’re number 1 Bob.

    Those two women would even get to the finish line.

    By the way. It’s still legal to “earn” an income in thi province, country.

    Keep up the GREAT work.

  5. A wise man once told me “Don’t walk away from negative people, RUN!”
    And in the corporate world, if someone was being negative, we used to say “Sounds like they have a personal problem”.
    Keep up the great work, Bob, it’s much appreciated.

  6. Thank you, thank you, Bob, for your amazing web site. We rely on it every day and are happy to donate. Pay no attention to the negative comments.

  7. Ignore them. Skiers in Southern Alberta are the envy of people across the country because we have your site to help us enjoy the sport we all love. Thanks from all of us who appreciate your commitment and efforts.

  8. Hi Bob,
    I wanted express my gratitude for your awesome site and blog! My husband and I have been planning a trip to Canmore (we arrive this week) for some time. Your site has been more helpful than everything else put together!!! I will gladly make a donation.
    With much admiration and appreciation,
    Fort Atkinson Wi

  9. Hi Bob, I just want to add my appreciation to the already huge heap you have from all the x- c skiers looking for the best way to spend their precious outdoor time. It’s so wonderful to be able to share info on trail conditions and get ideas for future trips. Thank- you for starting and maintaining this great site – we use it every time we’re planning a ski and would be happy to contribute financially.

  10. Mike Brown, "Mike from Canmore"

    Hi Bob,
    It has been said well by many before me but I just wanted to add one more Thank You! Love the site, use it lots, have enjoyed watching it grow, appreciate the minimal selective advertising (local business related to skiing etc that I would want to support) and I totally support you having the button for optional donations. Happy to support this great source of information that I depend on a lot, thanks for starting it and maintaining it.
    – Mike

  11. As so many have said before me, your site is absolutely invaluable and you need to IGNORE those comments – as they are definitely from a tiny minority. I tell people about your site all the time and can’t imagine where I would ski without it. I learn something from skier’s reports and your great posts every single week. I’d love to see you get the same going as “Hiker Bob” – any chance of that??
    You are much appreciated Bob – and now I’ll go looking for that button!

  12. Haters Hate. We love you Bob!

    • DNA, you have summed up my feelings. I love Bob and his web site, as well as the community of wonderful outdoors people that it represents. My morning cup of tea in London, Ontario isn’t the same without skihere.ca.

  13. Bob your blog is a truly valuable resource for everyone from beginners to seasoned skiers. Great photos, trip reports, trail reports and fun and creative contests .You provide a “special wax” that never fails and holds the ski community together. It is always a pleasure to see you on the trails and celebrity status to score a photo on your blog. Please be assured your efforts are greatly appreciated and certainly worthy of monetary value .

  14. You had me supporting you right up until the CBC dig. I support our national public broadcaster. I think you’re great, too. So I’d rather we leave the criticism of the CBC to the rabid right-wing political sites. Not my site, I get it, but I enjoy this site for skiing, not for political commentary.

    • You’ve completely misinterpreted my intentions. Read it again. I was not being critical, I was using it for comparison. BTW, I listen to the Eyeopener every morning. Do you know who Danielle Nerman is? Did you read her comment on this thread?

  15. It’s been all said above and I second it. I’d donate – I haven’t noticed the donation option?
    The BEST part is NO GOOGLE ADDS,,,,I wondered how you avoided them!
    Aside from the incredible, accurate timely reporting everywhere!
    Don’t let it get you down, maybe they were jealous of all the hits you blog gets?

  16. Bring on some healthy capitalism! Why, even if it enriches some who provide great service, shouldn’t they benefit?

  17. That is unbelievable these ladies are complaining about donations for the amount of work you have put in to this website! I really appreciate the trail updates and find them very useful before heading out on the trails. Thank you for your time and effort Bob.

  18. All you have to do is look at your traffic feed to recognize how valuable your service is Bob. Your blog is much appreciated by those of us that utilize it, and we are all indebted to you for your dedication and promotion of the sport. Don’t let the naysayers beat you down!!

  19. Thanks for this incredible labour of love Bob and for being the lifeblood of cross country skiing in one of the most disirable places in the world. My wife’s great grandfather, Paul Gotaas, was the original Lake Louise to Banff champion, and I know he’s smiling down at how far this great winter activity has come, a lot of which is thanks to you. Hope the worthy donations come pouring in.

  20. Hello Bob,
    These people are pathetic. You are the greatest thing since the invention of half length skins. Put in a button and I will contribute.
    Don’t stop the great work. Everyone else loves you.


  21. Hi Bob,
    Some people are completely clued out as to how many thousands of volunteer hours go into bringing the love of cross country skiing and winter activities to all the people out there, from maintaining the trails and equipment, grooming the trails, coaching kids and adults, and especially your blog to communicate all this. I love watching the beginners and the experts alike enjoying our trails, and I would definitely not let a couple of sourpusses ruin my day!

    I am doing the snow dance!
    Groomer Bill
    West Bragg Creek

  22. There is only one right thing to do here and that is for the two ladies to apologize to Bob and make things right. This is the season of Advent; not a time to hurt people. You know who you are and you know what you would advise your children (or your dog) to do. There is enough negativity and suffering in this world and we, as fortunate Canadians need to stand up for what is right. You can contact Skier Bob directly (and personally) via his site.

  23. I have skied 55 years of my life and I have never come across such a wonderfully informative and respectful blog or website as yours Bob. Your information is so valuable to all of us skiers. You have investigated question I have asked you on the side using your valuable time. My brother in Oregon follows your blog, We couldn’t imagine skiing in the Bow Corridor without it. I would be happy to give a donation. Merry Christmas Bob and thanks for all your hard work, and ignore people in the dog park.

  24. Ignore them because they are the minority. I am so thankful for your blog and would gladly pay a subscription if need be. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for your contribution to the Real Ski Report every week on CBC Radio.

  25. Hi Bob
    I’ve been following your wonderful blog for many years and have watched it evolve and become an invaluable tool for deciding where to go to play outdoors. I check it almost every day as I plan outings for my little group. So many of us have been benefiting from your amazing efforts and I, for one, would be fine with more advertising on the site or paying a subscription fee.

  26. Much respect for Bob. This site is awesome and very influential.

    Thank you for creating and maintaining.

  27. Bob – all my Cross country ski friends follow your website as a valuable resource for planning trips.
    Please keep up the good work. ?

  28. Hello Bob,

    Shame on them for not appreciating your contribution to encourage us to get on the ski trails in the winter. Your invaluable commitment and research to provide a day-to-day basis on several places to x-c ski from Bragg Creek, K-Country to lake Louise areas is so easy to take for granted, when we get the info all “cooked-up” and ready for our eyes to “eat”. I am also pleased to see a section on backcountry ski reports in your blog, as early season x-c outings are a good way to train for glorious backcountry ski touring. The impact that your website provide, through your daily reports (and from others) and advices on various aspects of skiing, transcend the practice of skiing. Your enthusiasm and devotion to maintain the blog, bridge the gap created by not having enough wardens to patrol backcountry ski trails on a regular basis or Canadian Ski Patrollers doing the same for x-c ski trails. No one wants to do your job or could do better.

    Grip and Glide!


    • I’d be happy to do Bob’s job, but know I couldn’t do it any better, and couldn’t afford it! As many have written, its a valuable resource. I work at the Norseman XC ski store, and mention Bob’s blog to new skiers whenever appropriate. Customers and the store certainly benefit from the available information.

  29. Perhaps you need to overhear my conversation… “There is this well organized website that has up to date information on trail conditions. I check it all the time to see if the trails are in good condition. I also get ideas of places to go. There are pictures and stories to help give you an idea of where to go and what to avoid. I am unsure how this man, skier Bob, does it. He must ski everyday! His commitment to this sport is undeniable. I think he manages this site for free.” I appreciate you! Your site makes me excited about cross-country skiing! I just wish you could make it snow!

  30. Hello mr Bob! Don’t listen to them. If you had a Donate button id be More than happy to throw 5$ a week at ya for the info. Not sure how many reader’s you have but i’d imagine there are more people like my self whom are very appreciative of your efforts. If you have the know how i’d also suggest throwing up a Video on you-tube say once a week with add’s . I”m a Fan of a number of Cycling Vlog’s and hear they do make half decent money through these ad’s. Thanks for your info every week. Ps if you need a Plumber feel free to get in contact with me id be happy to help you out with free labour and cost on parts for service calls and friends and family pricing on reno’s etc. Assuming you’re in Calgary??

    Thanks again for this page!

    James C

  31. My better half stopped to help a dog that was loose on the highway just outside Quarry Lake yesterday. Promptly a second car pulled up and the driver shouted at her to ‘control your dog or I’ll call bylaw services on you’. We don’t even have a dog! Suggest this might have been the same woman you overheard Bob…

  32. Some people can’t help themselves. We love you, it’s not your issue, you don’t own it.
    I’m glad you posted it though, for the pure “take that” revenge. Kinda like the doofus that blows by you, kicking up snow and rocks, and seeing them pulled over a few miles later.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

  33. Seriously, what are the chances of passing someone in the dog park at the exact same time they are moaning about you?!!!

    Just imagine how miserable they must be all the time!

    As you said up front – Dont like? Don’t read!

    Love this blog for updates, thank you. Please keep up the great work 🙂

  34. That’s funny Bob. I have said to my wife more than once that I can’t believe your blog isn’t by subscription only. We could give a crap if you were making living from your labor of love.

  35. In my community of ski friends, your blog is invaluable! We are fortunate to have such a comprehensive source of up to date nordic ski info all in one place. Keep up the great work, we appreciate it!

  36. Some people just follow the “We are not happy until you are not happy”way of life.
    Keep up the excellent blog and site. We really appreciate all of your time and work you put into it.It is an invaluable service to all the XC and outdoor community.

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