Overwhelmed with choices

The Pipestone trail near the north end

The Pipestone trail near the north end. (File photo)

Wed Dec 28 @ 9:45 a.m:

This is a totally new experience this winter, having so many options for skiing!

In addition to everything we’ve had available already, more new trails have been groomed and/or trackset including:

Calgary: Shaganappi Golf Course is trackset with 6K for classic and 7K groomed for skating. Shaganappi Trail Report (Update: see comment below from Doug. Conditions have deteriorated)

North end of PLPP

Liz on the Shaganappi golf course with Calgary behind her!

Liz on the Shaganappi golf course with Calgary behind her! (File photo)

Sandy McNabb

Pipestone Loop and Hector – trackset and rated “Good”

Kananaskis Village trails although it sounds like they may be a bit rough

So where to go?

  • I’d like climb up the new tracksetting on Whiskey Jack and do the Tyrwhitt loop, especially knowing that Fox Creek and Moraine are in decent shape, or should I turn left at the top of WJ and head down Pocaterra and check out some new grooming in the north end?
  • Cascade Valley sounds enticing with all the animal tracks.
  • Redearth Creek is a wonderful ski to the warden’s cabin.
  • The Pipestone Loop at Lake Louise is high on my list and I haven’t been there yet.
  • Canmore Nordic Centre is only a five minute drive and the natural snow trails have been packed.
  • How about the beautiful Alluvial Fan at Emerald Lake?
  • The trail I can never get enough of, Goat Creek and Spray River to Banff, despite a few rocks.
  • I wish West Bragg Creek was closer because I enjoy seeing all the happy dogs running around while I’m skiing.

Can’t wait for tonight’s trip reports to see where everybody ended up.


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  1. Attempted to ski Shaganappi at about 1PM today as we were excited about the new track setting. Sadly, it was totally destroyed by the super strong winds today.
    I put on Skintec’s and skied south down the small hill towards Bow Trail; no tracks, large drifts and bare grass was what I encountered on the lower area. Ended up walking between drifts and grass to get to a blown in track to the upper north level that was wind scoured hard pack. Even the driving range area was blown in with drifts.
    Unskiable until the next good snowfall.

  2. with all respect to the dog lovers:
    “Pets must be
    on a leash no more than 2
    meters in length and must
    not be allowed to disturb or
    endanger wildlife or people”

    • Andrew, I assume you are referring to West Bragg?
      They are in fact required to be on leash at the trailhead parking and immediate vicinity, as that is a Provincial Recreation Area (PRA).
      Outside of the PRA though, in the bulk of the West Bragg trail system, dogs are allowed to run off leash- as they should.

      • Steve,
        you are right,
        but I don’t agree with the view, dogs should be allowed to run unrestrained on ski trails, just another opinion based on my experience with some dog encounters at WBC

        • Andrew, there are plenty more choices for one to ski on trails where dogs are not allowed at all, than trails where dogs are allowed (on or off leash)….perhaps that’s something one can put into consideration when planning where to go for a ski especially if not comfortable. The trails where dogs are allowed off leash (ie WBC and Nipika) are cherished by skiers with dogs.

  3. check out the trails done last nite at CNC!! wow even Bow!

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