Confederation/Canmore Park update

Canmore park FNSC grooming

Canmore Park in Calgary

This was sent in by one of the groomers, Dave Gammie.

“This is a six lane grid that parallels 19st in Canmore Park  ( across the street from Confed)”


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  1. Hi does anyone know if we can get on Confed… waxing up the skis today

  2. Anyone know why the gate along the south edge of the golf course near 16th St is now chained up tight? there is no longer enough room to squeeze through.

    • Foothills opens and closes the main Confederation parking lot gate.
      The City (Golf Courses typically) manages all the other gates.
      Don’t know why the 16 Street gate was closed up tight.

  3. Anyone know if they are stockpiling snow in anticipation of this warm-up?

    • No stockpiling per se. Approximately 100 man-hours of moving snow onto the trails and packing though.

      Snow that is stockpiled or left where it falls will tend to become too sugary or too fine to pack well at a later date. The best solution to surviving the Chinooks is to get as much snow as possible onto the trails and firmly packed. And to not groom much when the temperatures are high.

      There will continue to be work parties to move snow and there is ongoing investigation into better and more efficient methods of moving the snow onto the trails.

      • Thanks Kevin, that helps.
        Wasn’t sure if the snowmaking gear would be blasting to get a better base in prep for the higher temps.


  4. I had a wonderful moonlight ski last night at Confed. Highly recommend getting out there soon with the on-going grooming and track-setting and the temps are now more reasonable (not too cold), before the temps become unreasonable (too warm) again next week.

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