Great day on Cascade Valley

I have no complaints about conditions on Cascade Valley. Being able to race at full speed down the big hill at the end tells you conditions are A-OK.

Steep trail down to the cabin

Steep trail down to the cabin

Barbara, Peter and I went to the warden’s cabin at 13.3K where it was nice and sunny. The only thing that might be considered a hazard is the steep trail down to the warden’s cabin. It’s very narrow, so once you start, you can’t stop. Better hope the Cascade moose isn’t standing at the bottom. Yes, there’s a moose using this trail now.

Warden's cabin on Cascade Valley

Warden’s cabin on Cascade Valley

There’s a large ice flow at 11.2K which is easy to see and there is still enough snow on one side to carefully ski around it. That might change in the future.

While on the trail today, we made the draw for the Emerald lake Lodge contest. I have contacted the winner and am waiting for a return email.

The only place where I thought the tracks were in bad shape was on the first 750 metres on the Lake Minnewanka road. They’re washed out from heavy use but there was no bare pavement showing. The air temperature was -10 and the snow was -9.

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