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Lots of grooming occurred yesterday/last night on the south trails in PLPP including the single-track trails. The trail report indicates a couple cm of new snow fell on the north end trails which might make them skiable but with some icy sections underneath.

“With temperatures hovering around and above freezing over the last couple days, depending on the location, there is quite a mixed bag of conditions throughout the park. Expect a possible icy base at the north end and at lower elevations, with fresher snow prevailing at higher elevations. A snowfall overnight on the 18th and morning of the 19th of between 2 cm’s at the north end and 6cm’s further south will help, but expect ice in some locations underneath the fresh snow.”

Lake Louise trails, from the reports, look to be in good shape as do the Yoho and Emerald Lake trails.

Redearth Creek may have escaped the worst of the meltdown, and with the fresh snow, may be okay.

The man-made snow at the Canmore Nordic Centre will still be in great shape for skating, but you may need waxless skis or klister for classic. With the colder temperatures on the weekend your waxable skis should be good to go.

Wonderful conditions between Castle Junction and Johnston Canyon

Leg 5 of the Lake Louise to Banff loppet between Silver City and Johnston Canyon. (File photo)

Chuck’s report is a reminder the Lake Louise to Banff loppet trails have all been groomed from the campground in LL and as far as Sawback. The trail east of Castle junction may have suffered from the warm weather but it sounds like some fresh snow has fallen since the thaw. This update was posted yesterday:

“With the exception of Castle Lookout to Castle Junction, the track is set and will be reset before Sunday. We are waiting for cooler weather to deal with a pesky 20m wide ice flow from ground water seepage 1 km west of Junction. It will likely have a skier set path above it. Trail crews are out pruning the willows, but some of them seem to grow back overnight.”

I’ve been fighting the flu for the past two days and will probably not get out today for the third day in a row.


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  1. PLPP -South: Started day up fresh 1″ on track up Packers I’m Boulton P-Lot at -3 then headed south to Tyrwhitt/Elk Pass in the sun on last night new groomed & trackset trail before screaming down through FoxCr and Moraine which was also JUST trackset. Traffic light so new snow held up well throughout day. Grooming did bring up a tad bit if corn snow so with variable sun/shade conditions VR40 was a bit light.
    Mt.Shark Finished afternoon arriving at 3pm to -4.5 and all loops only lightly skied but superbly groomed and trackset. Skied Red and Red-Purple loops (difficult). Talked to one old-timer who said he has NEVER seen conditions better enroute to Watridge Lake -that says a lot! Lots of virgin groom still on the skate lanes which was surprising at day’s end (mostly classic skiers).

  2. Went to PLPP today parked at Bolton Campground. Generally good skiing along Moraine some pine needles, after Fox Creek up to Elk Pass was excellent, Trywhitt to Whiskey Jack good with some icy spots, down Whiskey Jack not track set but some new snow so good. Temperature hovering around +1. Overall a very good day! PS: Used the waxless skis so no issue with the pine needles.

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