Family day at Canmore Nordic Centre

-Mom Jennifer and daughter Peyton were enjoying the great conditions at the Canmore Nordic Centre-

As Helen said on her trip report…

“Bravo to all families introducing their children to this addicting sport.”

Nolan is turning two in a couple weeks

Nolan is turning two in a couple weeks

Arriving at the nordic centre around 12:30 pm, I was lucky to encounter Melanie and Karen who had just finished skiing and they told me that I could get by with wax today.

Family day at the Canmore Nordic Centre

Family day at the Canmore Nordic Centre

I waxed with VR55(0/-3) and while it wasn’t perfect, it was good enough. Reasonably good grip with no clumping. I had two pairs of waxless skis in my trunk and I’m happy to say they remained there.

The main parking lots were full and vehicles were spilling over onto the road and the auxiliary parking lots. Someone near the daylodge had pulled out just as I arrived so I got lucky.

It was DJ's first time on skis. He was coming to the end of Banff trail at 5.5K

It was DJ’s first time on skis. He was coming to the end of Banff trail at 5.5K

Many families and kids were enjoying the good weather and great conditions. I encountered a few adults who were trying it out for the first time today, too.

It was a beautiful dat at the Canmore Nordic Centre

It was a beautiful day at the Canmore Nordic Centre

Most of the natural snow trails were all groomed and trackset and in surprisingly good shape(the CNC Live Grooming Report is very green). At the end of the man-made snow I ran into Doug Connery (one of our trip reporters) who had just finished the natural snow on Banff trail. He said it was in great shape and he was right.

I skied out on Banff trail and returned on Bow. The tracks aren’t as deep as on the man-made snow but they were good enough. There were odd bits of tree debris but insignificant in  my opinion.

Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore Nordic Centre

The Swix thermometer at the nordic centre was reading +2 when I finished skiing around 2:15 pm. I imagine some of the sun-exposed areas were softening up later in the afternoon.

Speaking of Helen Read, I’m expecting her to announce any day now that she’s reached 1000K for this winter. I’m about 300K behind where I would normally be at this time of year and just reached 900K on Friday when I skied Lake O’Hara.

Yesterday(Feb 19), was the second time this blog registered over 10,000 views in a single day with 10,063.  The other time was on new year’s day 2017 with 11,575. Thanks for reading!

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