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Wedge Connector as it was being groomed and trackset today. Photo by tracksetter Jeff.-

If you checked the Ribbon Creek Live Grooming Report today, you would have been able to follow Tracksetter Jeff as he groomed Bill Milne, Evan-Thomas, and Wedge Connector trails. He sent the above photo with these remarks: “Best conditions in years on the Wedge and Bill Milne. 40 cm at Evan Thomas Creek.”

Natural snow on Banff Trail at Canmore Nordic Centre

Natural snow on Banff Trail at Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore Nordic Centre

I braved the -21°C temperatures and a brutal wind chill to check the freshly groomed and trackset natural snow at the Canmore Nordic Centre. The snow was painfully slow and my toes were already cold by the time I reached the warming hut. After a few minutes by the fireplace, I continued on to the natural snow on Banff trail and found the conditions to be excellent. No tree debris, no dirt, no grass or twigs, just nice clean snow with good tracks.

Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore Nordic Centre

The snow has stopped and the sun was out for a while this afternoon. The final tally of snow accumulation on my deck is 24 cm.

As I was driving to the nordic centre, I had to take quick evasive action to avoid being hit by a Jeep. I was preparing to stop at a stop sign, but noticed in my mirror the vehicle behind me was not slowing down. He was quickly sliding towards me – sideways! I simply continued through the stop sign while the Jeep careened to a stop in the middle of the intersection. At least he gave me a “thank you” wave.

Healy Creek. Photo by Chuck

Healy Creek. Photo by Chuck


Chuck is keeping a close eye on the grooming in Banff National Park. His report from yesterday told us that Spray River West and Goat Creek were trackset. I expect they’ll have some fresh snow over the new tracksetting. Today, Sundance Canyon and Healy Creek were being groomed.


This morning’s Live Grooming Report showed lots of new tracksetting, but it was still snowing, so I expect most of the trails will have fresh snow on them.

Snow has been falling continuously for the last three days, and so far 50cm’s of snow has fallen at the north end, in the vicinity of Pocaterra Hut, with significantly more accumulation at the south end/at higher elevations, and the snow is still falling. Expect abundant but varying amounts of fresh snow on top of all trails, with drifting in places.”

Nipika Mountain Resort

This is an update from today on Facebook:

“The snow seems to be stopping! The sun is slowly making an appearance and grooming is ongoing. The storm dropped a whopping 50cm on us!”

Welcome Home!

Bison being released in Banff National park

Bison being released in Banff National Park (Dan Rafla/Parks Canada)

Wild bison have returned to Banff National Park after a 140-year absence.

This is from the Bow Valley Crag and Canyon:

Karsten Heuer, the bison reintroduction project manager, said last week’s successful translocation was emotional for him and his team.

“They’ve been absent from this landscape for too long and so I think today is the hooves on the ground beginning of trying to bring that back.”

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