Kananaskis Village/Ribbon Creek update

Kovach picnic table. Photo by Tracksetter Jeff

Tracksetter Jeff is out working tonight and sent me another photo of the Kovach picnic table. He remarked…

Hi Bob,

Here is the Kovach picnic table 24 hours later. A nice 30 cm blankets most of the Village trails. New grooming should be the best of the season tomorrow. Still snowing lightly here but I have seen a few stars poking through air temp is -10 so nice cold snow should make waxing easy. 

This is how the picnic table looked last night.

Kananaskis Tracksetter Jeff

Kananaskis Tracksetter Jeff

Operating a Pisten-Bully is a busy job with lots of things to do and be aware of, buttons to push, levers to pull, and making sure you stay on the trail. Jeff’s grooming is meticulous, and I never see a wave in the tracks even when he’s “distracted driving” by sending me photos from the snowcat.

The best part of this snowfall is that we can look forward to cool temperatures for the near future which should preserve this precious snow for a while.

30 cm! This snow dance video I was watching last night is compelling and obviously was effective. The song is dedicated to snowcat drivers who work in the dark…


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  1. Loved the snow dance. Would like to see him try that wearing skis.

    • My favourite part is from :48 to :58. I’ve done that “dance” a couple times (inadvertently) with my skis on, with the obvious result of falling flat on my face. 😮 😳

      • I agree. I think my skiing buddies and I have done some of those moves accidentally, too. Wish the music had been playing in the background for us, too. Entertainment value would have been priceless!

  2. Great new snow today at PLPP, although Trywhitt (on way to Morraine/Fox Creek) will need grooming work as we came across 1) family of skiers pulling a toboggan with flat bottom – totally destroying the set track; 2) a group of 5 snowshoeing right in the set track – pulling 2 toboggans; 3) a guy walking in the set track pulling a wide flat bottom toboggan (sense a theme here?), and finally 4) a dog on leash, whose owner explained it was the only way to get his dog to the Alpine!! Come on people…there’s no financial penalty for contravening the accepted trail use, but common courtesy please!

  3. Had we been thinking, we should have taken a pic of the picnic table at the Blueberry junction. Battle of the tables.

  4. At Canmore Nordic centre in all the glorious snow. That snow dance certainly did the job. Make me want to practice those snow dance moves. Awesome sauce.

  5. I am so happy for all you lucky skiers!!!! Wish I was there! We have hardly any snow in Buffalo.

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