Chuck skis to Lake O’Hara on May 2

-Pine Marten at Lake O’Hara. Photo by Chuck-

It looks like Chuck might stretch this ski season out to 7 months. His first ski trip was on Oct 15. This is today’s report from Chuck:

Starting out from the Lake O’Hara trailhead. Photo by Chuck


Well, with this winter that keeps on giving, we had to check out that avalanche that crossed the Lake O’Hara road:

More photos

As you can see, this is still a busy place.

The ones that we had redirected from the Great Divide yesterday, had seen Bear #122 “The Boss” just after leaving us, and were glad to get to Elizabeth Parker Hut, their intended destination.
With another forecasted low of minus 3 tonight, hope to see you out tomorrow!


Elk Pass and Frozen Lake

I don’t want to diminish Chuck’s accomplishment, but Alf Skrastins’ ski season is 12 months long. With his trip on Elk Pass yesterday, Alf has skied for 188 consecutive months(correct me if I’m wrong, Alf). You can see many spectacular photos on his trip report from yesterday including a grizzly bear and a photo of Frozen Lake like I’ve never seen it before(all frozen and snow covered!).

Grizzly bear along Hwy #40 in K-Country. Photo by Alf Skrastins

I hiked to Frozen Lake in 2004 with a group from the Calgary Ski Club. You can compare summer and winter below. I wonder if the lake will be all thawed by August this year? I remember seeing fish swimming in the lake and wondering how they got there. Can they survive being under ice for most of the year, or is the lake stocked?

Frozen Lake winter and summer


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  1. Ha Ha! Chuck you must have kissed the Blarney Stone! Thanks for all the great trip reports! They make for great reading (and the pictures aren’t bad either!).

  2. Looks like Chuck Weaseled his way onto the Home Page!
    Actually, I hope everyone saw my May 1 Trip Report on the Great Divide, which was probably our most fun ski of the year!AhVZXBE7vMV7hxDMki1waJkMCPEC
    and the start of the Errant Edmontonian’s adventure!
    Thanks Bob for another great year of spreading the word.
    Chuck & Jeannette

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