High Rockies: Back to the beginning

I biked the High Rockies trail from its start at Goat Creek to Goat Pond which is a pretty easy 14K return trip. 

Osprey nest along the High Rockies trail

You need to take the Goat Creek trail for .9K to reach the High Rockies turn-off. It’s easy to miss if you’re not watching for it. It’s at the Banff boundary sign but the marker is very small. 

High Rockies trail

There are a few obstacles on the initial 2K which will slow you down. I encountered two fallen tress which I had to lift my bike over. About 50 metres from the start, the trail has been washed out for a stretch of 100 metres and only the most daring of riders would attempt it. I walked most of it. 

It was nice to see the Osprey nest with birds in it. I could only see a head poking out the top. I’m not sure if it was the adult or one of the chicks. 

Goat pond is 7K one way from the Goat Creek trailhead

I encountered one large puddle of water but it was easy to ride right through it.

There are numerous flowers in bloom along the trail. The best things about this stretch of trail are the magnificent scenery and the fact that it is far away from the dusty Spray Lakes road. 

You can park at Goat pond and start there. The 7.6k section of trail from Goat pond to Driftwood is probably my favourite. 


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  1. I rode the High Rockies trail with my son today. we went a few kms past Goat pond then turned back. A beautiful trail and nice for beginners. So many trails in k country etc.have almost turned my son off mtn biking. I’m happy to do easy longer rides too.
    Do you know if people classic ski this or maybe Bob knows? Seems like it’d be great for skiing next Winter!
    Thanks, Rhonda

    • I imagine the trail gets packed down by snowshoers and fatbikers, which, if there was enough snow, would probably make it skiable. I hope Alf or Hugh Burton see your question as they are more knowledgeable about this trail.

  2. Out in Louise today, up to the teahouses and beehives. Really buggy with the heat, unless lucky to find a stiffer breeze in open areas (mostly light winds all day). A couple new slide paths on the plain of six side.

  3. If you hook up with Alf for the next time he skis on the Goat glacier, you could cycle all the way to the start of the hike in. Cool!

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