Chuck skis on Sep 22

-Chuck at Sunshine Meadows on Sep 22, 2017. Photo by Jeannette-

The off-season for Chuck was only four-and-a-half months. He sent his final report of the 2016-17 season, a ski to Lake O’Hara, on May 2. Now he’s back at it:

Sunshine meadows on Sep 22, 2017. Photo by Chuck

“With the Sunshine Village Webcam showing deep snow, and realizing that the summer bus is still running, this was an opportunity not to be missed!
Staff were envious to see the first skier of the season out, and with the support of my lovely camera lady, you can see the opening conditions for yourself here:

Chuck’s Photos 

Our Skier Bob Community can now be assured that current promises of a good snow year… are true!”


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  1. Hi, nice photos. I am a complete newbie, looking to start XC skiing this winter. Just curious, what skis and bindings do you use for this trip to the sunshine meadows? Thanks.

    • Hi Mard,
      I used my older light touring skis which have NNN bindings.
      If you really are a complete newbie, start somewhere flat like the Great Divide (1A) with a supportive friend, or the Canmore Nordic Centre with a lesson. And wait for good conditions, to minimize the early challenges.
      Have fun… XC skiing is a great sport !

      • Thanks for your info. I just picked up a pair of touring skis (65mm). Good to know that it’s possible to get to such amazing places with light touring skis and bindings. Was there any difficulty at all without the beefier back country skis and bindings?

        Not decided if I want to take lessons yet, I have managed to learn a lot of things from videos based on past experience 🙂

        • Beefier back country skis and bindings would not be fun at all on the Moraine Lake Road.

          • Hey Mard… sorry I am getting the trips mixed up!
            The Sept 22 trip was a very unique autumn storm up at Sunshine. At that time, with just a little snow, the light touring was perfect. The snowpack up there in the alpine will have increased now, and full back country equipment will be necessary.
            This site is more geared to XC skiing, and now Moraine Lake is about the only option. Light touring is great there until it is trackset.

            • I am currently looking into backcountry skis that would work in the Sunshine meadows but could also be used for light touring in flat terrain. Do you think something like the Rossignol BC 65 or BC 70 with NNN BC bindings would be good enough for Sunshine meadows at this time of the year? If not, would you recommend a set up? Thanks in advance!

  2. Snowfall predictions for Peter Lougheed and Lake Louise in the coming week, per The Weather Network.

  3. Hi Chuck – great photos, but… the plants in the alpine are super fragile and will need a good layer of snow to protect them. I am looking fwd to getting out too, but I think we dont want skiers in our tender meadows too soon.

  4. No surprise eh. Good one chuck! Saturday: Healy and Simpson passes (no skis )-:). Only about 4-6 inches at Healy pass now, and dwindling quickly. Larches still greenish and yellow, no gold.

  5. A fine case of seizing the opportunity of a solitude and happiness brought by a late SUMMER storm to an area rarely devoid of lineups. Good on you! (I was shuffling sans skis through only 1″ some 200km SE.)

  6. Pretty cool Chuck!!

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