Update from MLA and more on WBC parking

I received the following response from MLA Can Westhead whose constituency includes West Bragg Creek regarding the cattle manure in the freshly-paved parking lot:

MLA Cam Westhead cuts the ribbon to officially open the West Bragg Creek all-season trails as Alf Skrastins looks on

Thank you for contacting me regarding cattle in the West Bragg Creek recreation area parking lot. Minister Shannon Phillips and I are aware of the situation, and we recognize concerns exist regarding livestock moving in and around the parking lot.

Public land has many different uses, and the West Bragg Creek parking lot is next to public land with seasonal gazing cattle. Cattle have been grazing in and around Bragg Creek for decades, but as more and more Albertans use our parks system, there are more chances of overlap in uses.

Some steps have already been taken to reduce the number of cattle in the Public Recreation Area – like recently moving corrals to the west of the Eaton center parking lot . There are possibilities for further solutions – like fencing and Texas gates – but it takes time, planning, and consultation to make these kinds of changes.

Our government is always ready to work with ranchers and groups like the Greater Bragg Creek Trail Association as well user groups to find better ways to manage our public spaces. Since April 2016, the Ministry of Environment and Parks has met multiple times with various stakeholders including grazing allotment holders about their concerns about the parking lot expansion and the relocation of corrals to reduce impacts to the Public Recreation Area. If people see a break in fences, they should report it to the Calgary Bearspaw Environment and Parks office at 403-297-8800.

Thank you again for contacting me to share your concerns and allowing me the opportunity to respond.


Cam Westhead

MLA for Banff-Cochrane

Keyboard warriors spew their hate and profanity

I’ve enjoyed the respectful and civil discussion on my blog posting Update on Cattle at West Bragg Creek but I can’t say the same for another site.

On this Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ForbesRocks/ , in response to the CBC news story, the Pro-Manure crowd called me many names which I won’t post on this page but if you are brave, you can click the link below…

Warning: Extreme profanity. (Click for larger image)

Chuck Whittier threatened me with violence, Phyllis Morissette wants me to get therapy, and Peter Stock wants me to move back to Toronto(where I’ve never lived).

I replied to everyone without using profanity or insults.  

Do normal, well-adjusted people talk like this nowadays? Does Gerry Forbes simply have a self-selecting “unique” group of followers? Who are these socially-inept people who live among us and how did they become so dysfunctional? Am I living a sheltered life?

I don’t think that most rural people, or farmers and ranchers talk or act like this. You can disagree without being disagreeable.

On my blog post which I made about this, my favourite quote came from Alf Skrastins when talking about all the financial and volunteer contributions from various people and groups:

“The cattle grazers, on the other hand, have never contributed anything to the trails…other than manure.”


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  1. I rarely comment on Facebook. There seems to be no moderation whatsoever and people are able to post the most vile stuff imaginable. I had a reply to a comment one time that said something like ‘go back to the mountains f***ing liberal scum’. The poster had clearly gone to my home page to find out about me, which bothers me. Keep up the good work, Bob.

  2. I’m with you, Bob. Keep up the good fight and the great website.

  3. It’s funny when Bob and I take our Springer Spaniel out on the
    trails we often see signs at the beginning of the trail reminding
    all dog owners to pick up after their dog or you can be
    subject to a fine. But cow pies and horse poop??

  4. Keyboard warriors Bob. Nothing more. I agree wholeheartedly with your position and anyone else can pound sand.

    • Agree, I don’t even get into it anymore, it’s almost more about they like the fight, than the actual “thing”that’s being discussed. Scroll, scroll, scroll…hey! Cat video!

    • Bob…
      Those hiding “behind” their keyboards often are of a younger generation who lack many social graces. Many other readers only read the article and having never actually been to the WBC parking area choose a side (NIMBY group). But generally speaking this is why I rarely read the comments on “news” or “newspaper” sites, and am hesitant to do some on many Facebook links.
      Regardless, the local government and various user groups are now being pressured to come up with longer term solutions and hopefully learn that some stakeholders are a rather rowdy bunch.

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