A funny story from last winter

Now here’s a dog who knows how to have fun. I can vividly picture this scenario as described by Alf. All the WBC photos below were submitted at various times throughout last winter by Alf(they aren’t from the day of this event).

West Bragg Creek: “But that is not my dog!” – Jan 6, 2017

…by Alf Skrastins

Max the dog and Conrad at West Bragg Creek

I took part in a lost dog recovery today at WBC… although I’m pretty sure the dog had no idea that he was lost.

I was skiing along Moose Connector, with Conrad, who was taking his neighbours yellow lab “Max” for some exercise. A couple passed us, going south, followed by a very happy looking shepherd/husky cross.

West Crystal Line

We soon realized that the other dog had turned around to join us and play with Max. We stopped and tried to encourage the dog go the other direction to catch up to his human companions.

Just as we were about to turn around to take the dog back south, one of the two skiers returned. We thanked him for coming back for his dog. Quoting Inspector Clouseau from the “Pink Panther”, he said “But that is NOT my dog!”

Mountain Road

Apparently the dog belonged to a mom, who was skiing with a child in a chariot, and the dog just ran off with the next group of skiers he saw. The guy was just going to take him back to the mom. However, the dog had no interest in following that guy… he was having too much fun playing with Max. So, we offered to take the dog back to the parking lot, assuming that he would just follow Max.

West Bragg Creek

We had to turn around a couple of times on Mountain Road, to collect the dog from a couple of other groups with dogs that were clearly more interesting to him than Max.

As I neared the parking lot, I noticed a frazzled looking mom, towing a crying child in a chariot, heading towards her car. I asked her if she was missing a dog, and she replied “YES”!

At this point we had to get the dog back from yet another group of people who’s dog was potentially more entertaining than Max. In case you’re wondering, the dog was “on-leash” the whole time… it’s just that the other end of the leash wasn’t attached to anyone. Once the mom, child and dog were reunited in the parking lot, we continued our ski.


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  1. I’m the “But that’s NOT my dog” guy. I was wondering how everything had worked out. I’d gone back along West Crystal Line to see if I could find her, but she’d disappeared by that point. I guess she’d turned around and headed back. Thanks a lot for what you did!

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