Chuck skis to the Great Divide on Oct 12

Chuck skiing the Great Divide at Lake Louise. Photo by Diana Piggott

It looks like Chuck and Jeannette will have 100K in the books before the rest of us get started.

Arriving at the Great Divide. Photo by Chuck

If you had a notion to follow Chuck’s tracks, he wanted to point out that “You had to be there early today, and I am afraid(like last year) that the next skiable snow may not come until November.”

 Thanks to Chuck for this report. If you click over to the amazing photos, you’ll also see that Diana Piggott joined the fun also…

With 15 cms of new snow in our Banff backyard this morning, and knowing that it had snowed for two days in Lake Louise, I felt a certain responsibility to make a trip report for Skier Bob!

Fall Colours… and no crowds. Photo by Chuck

While the Moraine Lake Road is securely closed since the weekend, it appeared that Moraine Lake Lodge owners must have had to unlock the gate after having driven on the road leaving huge tracks in the fresh snow.

Hikers also arrived, so I decided to avoid frustration by going on to the 1A / Great Divide.

Now I have a better track to use. Photo by Chuck

Even on the Great Divide, there was a vehicle track past the gate, but it turned back within 100 metres.

The early morning snow was cold, and temperatures stayed below zero all day. So I did get to the Great Divide.

For the details, check out:
Great Divide photos
And make sure to read the photo captions… for the real truth.

In summary:
“A poor day out cross country skiing… is still better than a good day in the gym”!


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  1. Wish I wasn’t so far a commute to snow in the shoulder seasons. Definitely NOT a ridiculous venture – you early bird!

  2. Such great news Bob and Chuck. Thanks for sharing!

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