Guess the trail 2017

What trail is this?

As we await the snow to fall, we’ll play our annual game of Guess the Trail. No prizes for this, just bragging rights.

Looking at that breathtaking mountain landscape, the beautiful snow and perfect tracksetting, I can’t wait to be up there taking photos again. 

The first one is pretty well a giveaway, others are pretty easy, and a few could perplex you. There is a unique feature in all of them which will identify the location. I’m thinking #6 will be the last one to be guessed.

A few of the photos were taken by some of our faithful trip reporters, Alf, Steve, and Chuck.

Click on the photos for a larger image. I’ve numbered them from 1 – 12. How many can you get?


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  1. Crazy. I can’t identify one, yet probably have skied over all of them. Good job Bob!

  2. #8 Castle Mountain?

  3. #10 Mountain View West

  4. #11 is Iron Springs – I believe this is the right answer but I will stand corrected if Steve chimes in with a different trail name. -Bob

  5. #11 – Hostel Loop or telephone loop

  6. #11 – moose loop. Maybe.

  7. #11 is somewhere in the Kananaskis Village area.
    I’m leaning towards Terrace but it could be anywhere on the Terrace, Kovach, Aspen loop.

    Nope. The trees look similar to the trees on Hay Meadow, but that’s not it. Hopefully Steve Riggs will see this and put everyone out of their misery. -Bob

    Update: If you look at your original comment below, you’ll see that Mikhail guessed the area, West Bragg Creek. Steve Riggs is the final authority, and it looks like he is going to continue teasing everyone for a while. In the mean time, I’ll start working on a new post. -Bob

  8. 4 is Bill Milne – Correct

    10 is Mountain Road WBC (I think) – Close enough. A West Bragg Creek trail. I believe it’s actually Mountain View, one of the new trails. – Bob

  9. #4 – One of the Pipestone trails
    #10 – Skogan Pass
    #11 – One of the Sandy McNabb trails

    Well, I’ll give you an A for effort. Hint: In #4, the mountain in the distance, looking north, is Lorette. -Bob

  10. #3 is the Healy Creek Trail, yes? Before turning onto Brewster Creek to climb to Sundance Lodge? – Correct

    And I think #8 is the trail that goes from Baker Creek to Castle Junction along the 1A. – Correct

    Still looking for #4, 10 and 11. -Bob

  11. #1 – Pocaterra. – Correct. Ian Murray and his two brothers are almost at the Whiskey Jack junction.

  12. 1- Great Divide?
    2- MLR – Correct. Temple mountain is the key.
    3- Sundance Trail
    5- Emerald Lake? – Correct. Tree hugger trail.
    6- Lake Louise Campground trail – Correct, with bonus points! Electric fence, dogs allowed.
    7- CNC – Correct. Mound of man-made snow and water pipes.
    9- Lookout – Correct. The mailbox which holds the logbook. Is your name in there?
    10- , 11-
    12- Nipika! – Correct. Off-leash dogs allowed and the cabins.

    Looking forward to exploring all those ___ this winter!

    I thought #1 was a giveaway but you made a good dent in these, six more to go. – Bob

  13. Starting with the hardest – #6 is Nipika Mountain Resort. Yes?
    And #12 is definitely Nipika.

    #12 is correct. Nipika. -Bob

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