Snow on the way

After having our hopes dashed many times in the past, I’ve learned to be a bit subdued about these forecasts and I’m trying to contain my excitement.

Ventusky, pictured above, predicts 44 cm for Pocaterra. Ventusky is an interactive website and it’s fun to play around with it, but it takes some time to get familiar with all it can do. I pulled this map in mid-afternoon. If you click on the links, the amounts will probably have changed. 

No matter what happens, the extremely cold temperatures will allow the snow guns to go full blast at the Canmore Nordic Centre. There’s about 20 cm of natural snow in the works for Canmore according to the Weather Network.

Click for a larger image

There are predictions much higher than this, for example Mountain Forecast is calling for 60+ cm on Mt Tyrwhitt, but when I say higher, it has a double meaning: it’s for 2000 metres elevation, a bit higher than most of our ski trails. 

National ski team coach Ivan Babikov took this photo early this morning on Frozen Thunder

There’s lots to choose from when it comes to snow predictions: Environment Canada, The Weather Network, and some of the more obscure ones such as Snow Forecast, Ventusky, Mountain Forecast, and Weather Underground. 

Wherever you look, there’s snow and lots of it for every place we enjoy skiing, including Calgary and West Bragg Creek. The forecasts for Lake Louise are actually lower than for Kananaskis. Snow Forecast is predicting 25 cm for Lake Louise at the elevation of Moraine Lake road’s trailhead.

Environment Canada is calling for “Periods of Snow” on Wednesday and Thursday in the mountains, but they won’t predict specific amounts yet. 


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  1. I noticed the US winter outlook on the NOAA site is encouraging for a cooler and wetter winter because of the high probability (55-65%) of a weak La Nina forming before winter starts. The maps end at the Canadian border, however if one was to extend the map north it would put the southern Canadian Rockies in an area of cooler and wetter weather for December to February.

    The link is:

  2. You know you are ready for winter when ?
    You hit all the weather links on Bob’s blog searching for the most optimistic snow report.

  3. The great “summer” mountain bike season looks like it ended on Saturday, with amazing conditions and weather. On Sunday, we faced up to the reality of winter’s imminent approach by dragging out the rock skis for inspection and waxing, putting fresh batteries in the avalanche transceivers, and doing a short practice search session while dog walking in our local park. Bring it on- I’m ready!

  4. I LOVE Ventusky so much! I could just sit there watching the weather patterns move around.

  5. A gold medal for sunrise photo!

  6. If Bob says it must be so, then so it shall be.
    and yes I am VERY excited to get out skiing again!!

  7. I think it’s okay to get excited, it’s going to snow and its going to be fairly cold, there is only one outcome and that is Chuck will be leading the charge!

  8. …with bated breath and whispering humbleness.

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