Good news from Lake Louise

Moraine Lake road from two days ago(Nov 22, 2017)

The new weather forecast is giving some hope. It’s going down to -4 tonight in Lake Louise, with a high tomorrow of zero. Thankfully someone had enough confidence and optimism to try skiing today. Thank you to Jeff G for this report from Moraine Lake road:

“When in doubt, Moraine Lake Road.

I arrived at 11:30 AM to find the track setter just starting to set the two outbound tracks. Score!  It was 0 degrees C and even the old tracks looked pretty good. The conditions were just about perfect the whole way, with the outside right track running particularly fast. The ascent was fast, and the descent was lightening fast, but no hard surfaces. My waxless Crown bases worked better than ever. The groomer had completed two passes in the skating lane by the time I was heading down the big hill, and he was heading up to set the inbound tracks. I expect the conditions to be excellent on the weekend. A truly great day.”

Brenda tweeted that Elk Pass has lots of new snow, so if there is any new grooming completed, it may be in nice shape tomorrow. The Weather Network is forecasting a low of -5 and a high of zero. 

Arethusa Cirque. Photo by Chip

Arethusa Cirque(Backcountry)

Chip enjoyed a backcountry foray into Arethusa Cirque today and used words like…

“Beautiful snow”
“We ended about 3:15 after 4 wonderful runs. Air temperature was -1.”

Check the Backcountry trip reports for more details and photos(and a bit of humour) from Chip’s ski day. 

Click for a larger image. The links on this screen shot are not live.

Chip made reference in his report to “weather station report of 20 cm.” He’s referring to Avalanche Canada’s map and weather stations in K-country. You can obtain very detailed information from this site. As already mentioned, Chip could click on the Highwood Pass report and add up the hourly snowfall and see that 20 cm fell on Thursday. 

Click on the link and zero in on whatever area you wish to check. This is more relevant for backcountry skiers, but I occasionally check Mud Lake. I see they’ve receive 3 cm of snow today, and the temperature didn’t get above -1.7°C. 

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