Kananaskis: Skogan Pass, Terrace, Wedge, PLPP

Thanks to all the rock pickers on Skogan Pass!

As more skiers snowplow over the trail, more rocks appear. I was busy digging one of them out of the Screamer when Nona, Wallace and Don appeared. Now descending, they had been removing rocks on their way up to make the trip down more enjoyable. 

Skogan Pass between Marmot and Sunburst.

The rocks are no problem when ascending but you have to use care and caution coming down. In other words, stay in control and be prepared for sudden maneuvers.

When descending, a nimble skier with good technique could probably go full speed and have fun dodging a few rocks. Unfortunately I don’t fit that criteria so my snowplowing muscles which were dormant all summer got a good workout. 

Tracksetting near the Marmot junction

I only went as far as the Sunburst junction because my right pole strap started coming apart. From all reports, the trail gets better the further you go. At the top of the Screamer you can experience excellent tracksetting for about 200 metres to the Marmot junction. 

Lower Skogan is thin but skiable. I saw the beginnings of the ice flow in the usual place. 

A turn on the Screamer

I did remove my skis twice for short distances on the way down. At the top of the Screamer where it parallels the Nakiska road there are always rocks in the early season. Just a little further down there was another spot where I walked for about 20 metres. 

The air temperature at 2 pm was -1°C and the snow was -2. I used VR55(0/-3) and had good grip. 

An embedded rock on Skogan Pass between Marmot and Sunburst

Nona made the draw for the Fischer Skis Contest. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. 

The trail report for Skogan Pass: 

“Skogan Pass is trackset above the High Level jct to the top of the Pass. Skogan Loop is also trackset both are in very good early season condition. Skogan Pass Trail is very thin below Ruthies Jct caution is advised.”

Terrace trail near Kananaskis Village

Terrace trail is trackset. When you first see it at the village, it looks pretty thin and dirty, but once you go around the corner and get about 100 metres out, it’s quite nice. 

Wedge Connector

I still had some light, so headed over to see the recent grooming at Wedge Pond. This turned out to be the most enjoyable skiing I did today. The first 400 metres on the paved Bill Milne trail has excellent coverage albeit your poles hit the pavement. At 400 metres, the Wedge Connector starts which does not have pavement under the snow and it was very enjoyable. The odd blade of grass is sticking up through the snow but is inconsequential. 

Update on Bill Milne trail – Marlene sent in this trip report:Skate skied the Bill Milne trail on Nov 9th….it was outstanding for early conditions! Get out and do it before the thaw.”

PLPP Update

They didn’t get much snow from the recent storm.

“Barely 10 cm’s (or even less now that it has settled) in the north end, a little more higher and south but not enough for grooming. Some trails were snowmobile packed (not rolled yet) today, continuing tomorrow.”

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