New tracksetting at Lake Louise

New tracksetting on Moraine Lake road. Photo by Chuck.

I’d like to thank Chuck for keeping my blog up to date with the latest tracksetting activities. Fresh snow from yesterday has allowed new tracksetting on Moraine Lake road. That photo is very enticing!

Chuck actually skied all the way down to the lake and you can see the remainder of his photos here Moraine Lake.

The tracksetting on MLR ends at 9K at a spectacular  viewpoint. Beyond this point, there can be avalanche danger for the final 2K to the lake. If you don’t have avalanche awareness skills and equipment, best to stay away from the ungroomed portion of MLR. 

Today, registration opened for the Nipika Loppet on Jan 27, 28, 2018.

A picture paints a thousand words

Steve Riggs and Chuck are prolific photographers and usually leave a link to their photos with their trip reports. Readers of this blog have a voracious appetite for pictures, so if you’d like to start sharing your pictures, Chuck supplied this link which has instructions for Microsoft One Drive. 

See Chuck’s photos on Microsoft One Drive from today.

You can see an example of Steve’s photos on SmugMug from West Bragg Creek on Nov 11.

Steve has given these instructions for “SmugMug.”

You can set up an account at and use a number of “free” services for hosting your pix on “the cloud”- Google Photos being one. I use Smugmug which requires a paid subscription. Once you have something like that setup, and your photos hosted there, it is simple to just copy the link (web “address”) for your photo or gallery of photos for a particular day, and paste it into your comment before you submit it.


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  1. Hi Bob. The tracks at Lake louise look pretty wide. Do you have any idea how wide they are. Just wondering if they would fit my Rossignol BC 70. Thanks!

    • I found this random posting on the web. See the value “6-7cm”. I also recall that in ancient history, my Fischer Europa 99 BC skis would rub against the sides of the track walls. I believe that the Europa 99s are 69mm at their widest. Hopefully you’ll hear from present day skiers.

      According to the FIS rules quoted in this, it looks like a standard track allows for a good deal of variation.

      Depth: 2-5 cm
      Width: 6-7 cm.
      Space between tracks (center to center): 17-30 cm. apart.

      • Dow, I forgot to add that in my ancient history example, the goal was never to use the BC ski on a track set trail. If a set track was encountered, it would have been on the way to a BC destination. In such a case I recall that we would ski outside of the track, so as not to damage it for others.

  2. Oh, and I should say, only 5 cars in the parking lot, when we arrived at 11 am!

  3. Wow Chuck! Judging from the photo, that’s as fresh as track setting ever gets!

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