Smiling people, happy dogs at WBC

-Buddy and his gang on Mountain road at west Bragg Creek-

I enjoy skiing at West Bragg Creek because my dog Tessa can run off-leash, but I also enjoy seeing all the other dogs. I must have encountered about a dozen dogs and I managed to get photos of 10 of them.  

New skier Piper(left) gets some skiing advice from Tessa who’s been at this for 12 years

One of the first dogs I met today was Piper who was out for her first ever cross-country ski trip at West Bragg Creek. Piper belongs to Steve and Jo Riggs. Steve left a detailed trip report with a couple lovely photos, so I don’t have to write very much. 

Ben and Shelley on Mountain road

I started the day on my waxless skintecs but after seeing how cold the snow was, I did a second run on my waxable skis. I took a snow temperature on Mountain Road in the shade and it was a surprising -5°C. 

Mountain road, for all the multi-use traffic it gets, was in good shape with very good snow coverage and it gets better and better the further you go. The skier-set tracks become more well-defined and less wavy too. 

Mountain road at 2.5K

Although it was bright and sunny, at this time of year the angle of the sun is low so it doesn’t do much damage to the snow. Monday looks to be the only worrisome day with a high of +5. There’s snow in the forecast for next week but mostly on the ski trails near the continental divide which includes Lake Louise, PLPP, and Mt Shark. 

Rare to encounter another springer spaniel. Kai was a very energetic dog and it was fun watching his antics.

Glad to read the positive trip reports from skiers who were on the Bill Milne and Wedge Connector trails. I imagine Lake Louise was very busy after the glowing trip report we had from Chuck yesterday. I hope someone will let us know how it was today. Update: Thanks, Keith and Pete for the reports!

West Bragg Creek is a phenomenal multi-use area. I saw skiers, dogs, snowshoers, hikers, fat bikers, and everyone was having a good time. 

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