Tramline is trackset

With 10 cm of new snow in Lake Louise this morning, the entire distance of Tramline is now trackset. It was a silky smooth run from the Chateau parking lot to the train station late this afternoon. 

The skiers in front of me on Moraine Lake road are from Cross Country Saskatchewan

The only place where the trail is compromised is the final 200 metres where there are always a few rocks at this time of year. 

On my way down Tramline, I made a fairly significant detour on Moraine Lake road which was also trackset today. The snow started falling again as I reached the top of the big hill. On my way back down, I was lucky to be following a large contingent of skiers from Cross Country Saskatchewan who polished the tracks for me. 

There’s no longer any pavement showing at the Paradise Creek turn. My poles hit pavement a few times but it was insignificant in the grand scheme of things. 

Enjoying some pleasant downhill on Moraine Lake road

The air temperature at the Chateau parking lot at 3 pm was -1°C and the snow was -2. I had good success with VR50(0/-4) all the way up the hill but soon after the fresh snow was sticking bad enough that it motivated me to scrape and rewax with VR40 which gripped well without any grabbing. 

The MLR parking lot was full in mid-afternoon and a couple vehicles were parked on the road. It didn’t cause me any concern because I started at the Tramline trailhead.

Snowmobiles were spotted at the Great Divide trailhead as I was heading up the road. 


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  1. re. Lake Louise and 10cm of new snow.
    Nice, but weird. The snow forecasts had very little predicted for west of Sunshine village, which claims to have received 19cm in the past 24 hours.

  2. Great news! Very frustrating, though, that the temperature in the mountains seems to be 10 degrees Celsius higher than in Calgary. The fresh snow here is quite cold and powdery.

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