Friday night update

Don, Karl and Susan at the Canmore Nordic Centre

Just a reminder, check the Trip Reports for first-hand accounts from skiers who were out on the trails today.

Great news from Hugh regarding the Canmore Nordic Centre. After reading his report, I headed over there and took a few photos to go along with his Trip Report:

Natural snow at the Canmore Nordic Centre

“Canmore Nordic Centre. CNC is groomed and track set!

Skied out Banff Trail onto lower Bow Trail, excursion out on Cold Shoulder,returned via Meadowview and then cut back down through Meadow dodging snow guns along Banff and Banff loop.

Meadowview trail at the Canmore Nordic Centre

Groomed and track set. Depending on where you are along the trails lot of little Spruce trees sticking up and the occasional touch of dirt and or ice left over from the November snow. Conditions were better higher up on Meadowview.

Snow guns are going strong at CNC

Snowmaking full tilt! Banff trail till end of Meadow/mine scar. Last 500m of Banff loop all have guns blowing. Warmup shelter yet to open. In talking to John Gallagher at Trial Sports, he felt CNC would be pushing a lot of these snow piles out soon hopefully before Christmas.”

Bow trail had quite a few twigs in the tracks

Great news from James, the general manager at Baker Creek Mountain Resort: 

“Just thought I’d let you know we will be track set both ways by the end of the day!”

By both ways, he means from Baker Creek to Castle Lookout. We already have Chuck’s report for the other direction, Baker Creek to Morant’s curve. 

Great news from Ribbon Creek/Kananaskis Village: The trails were groomed and some were trackset this afternoon around the village, and tracksetting on Skogan Pass is in progress as I write this at 4:20 pm.  Check the Live Grooming Report for details. 

Grotto mountain at Canmore

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  1. Are the Baker Creek trails dog friendly?

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