Friday night update

-Cascade Valley was trackset to Stoney Creek today(14.5K one-way). Photo by Chuck-

With all this new snow that’s been accumulating over the past two days, there was enough fresh snow to groom and trackset Cascade Valley. Thanks to Chuck for the photos and report. It seemed colder than ever today, so thanks to everyone who braved the cold and submitted a trip report. 

Emerald Lake Lodge contest draw

Anthony picks the winner of the Emerald Lake Lodge contest

Update Sat Dec 30: Congratulations to Bev MacKenzie, the winner of the contest. 

I didn’t ski today, but I drank coffee and ate Anthony’s delicious lemon pie at the Market Bistro. Anthony, a long-time supporter of this blog,  volunteered to make the draw in the Emerald Lake Lodge contest. I’m just waiting for a reply from the winner at which time I will announce the lucky person’s name. I’ve blocked out the winner in the photo for now. 

I was enjoying a latte and Anthony’s famous lemon pie

I normally get a skier(out on the trail)  to make this draw but it’s been too cold to expect anyone to remove their gloves and fumble around making the draw with bare hands. 

If the winner doesn’t contact me within three days, there is a backup name just in case.

Anthony won the “Best chef of the festival” award at Canmore Uncorked

I’ve changed a few things with these draws. Rather than entering everyone’s actual name, I go by the numbers. Every comment and every photo are numbered and it makes it a lot easier for me. All the comment entries were on white paper, and all the photo entries were on coloured paper. 

Anthony’s Market Bistro is easily accessible if you’re looking for something delicious and warm after skiing at the Canmore Nordic Centre. You don’t even have to drive through downtown.

The Banff/Lake Louise trail report indicates 8 cm of new snow at Lake Louise. Baker Creek to Protection Mountain was trackset today. I’d be surprised if they didn’t go all the way to Castle Lookout.

Temperatures are finally going to start warming up on Sunday and there continues to be snow in the forecast. For Canmore, the Weather Network is predicting 2-4 cm tonight. I hope Goat Creek and Spray River will finally get enough snow to enable some grooming.

The ever optimistic Snow Forecast is predicting 6 cm for the Ribbon Creek area tonight and a further 6 cm for tomorrow. Similar forecasts are in effect for West Bragg Creek, Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Banff, Lake Louise, and Yoho. When this cold snap ends and all the fresh snow is groomed, we will be enjoying the best skiing of the winter. 

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