Nice to see the kids on skis

Heading down Tramline

It never bothers me to get out of the tracks and go around when I  see parents teaching their very young kids to ski. Quite often I’ll stop and say something encouraging to both kids and parents. 

Getting a tow on Moraine Lake road

For how chilly it was today, I encountered a lot of young children having fun on the trails at Lake Louise. It always brings a smile to my face and I let them know I enjoy seeing the kids out on the snow.

Lake trail. This goes to the far end of the lake. 

I skied on six different trails today, a few which I haven’t been on yet this winter:

  • Moraine Lake road
  • Fairview(the entire length)
  • Peyto
  • Telemark
  • Lake
  • Tramline


Fairview, on both sides of the hill, is in good condition, especially for this early in the season. I went south to north, so I don’t know what the short, steep downhill is like near Moraine Lake road, but the rest of it is fine. What a beautiful trail!

The Heritage Guides have somehow managed to get a pretty decent trail on the ice to the end of the lake, as well as a trail across the lake from Telemark to the boathouse. 

This trail takes you across the lake in front of the Chateau. It makes a “dog leg” to the left from here and ends at the boathouse.

The tracks on Moraine Lake road are in remarkably good condition for not having seen any new snow or tracksetting for a week. The cold weather preserves what’s there. 

Peyto and Upper Telemark were trackset today. 

At 12:15 pm, the air temperature was -12°C and the snow was -11. VR40(-4/-12) worked well. It was a cool ride home as I finished the day with a run down Upper Tramline. 

I’m standing near the Tramline trailhead looking across the road to the Peyto trailhead. Click for a larger image.

Here are the instructions for accessing Upper Peyto trailhead behind Deer Lodge:

Do Not park at Deer Lodge. Park in the big Parks Canada parking lot(aka Chateau parking lot) as if you were going to ski on Tramline. At most, it’s a 100-metre walk to get to the Peyto trailhead. Cross the road at which time you’ll see the trailhead kiosk for the Peyto trail. See photo at the side.


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  1. Bob: Thanks for taking pics of us and our grandchildren. We were out fr Nova Scotia (of course no snow there) and were enjoying the time with them. Actually quite impressed fr the expertise they, the grandchildren have fr belonging to a Jack Rabbit club in Calgary,, Bow Valley club.

  2. Hi Bob, We were out on Moraine Lake Friday and when returning we diverted to the steep bit of Fairview. Did three loops of it just for the fun of it! Almost got video of my slightly cocky 14 year old son wiping out, but he kept himself upright!
    I always smile when I see the little ones – reminds me of when our kids were little and I was faster than them.

  3. We must’ve been playing Lynx & Hare missing each other today Bob. Couldn’t agree more on the pure joy in seeing smiling children in good gear not enduring (as I did as a younster in crappy 3-pin low risevboots) BUT THRIVING in the frigid weather at LL today. We, our teens and the springer had fun over at Pipestone mid-day then as they partook in an ice game on the Lake I completed the gorgeous late afternoon afore mentioned Fairview Tram loop and can attest to the pleasurable and safe downhill to east-Moraine thanks to the expert snow work buy the groomers.

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