A change in the weather

“One of the most perfect ski days ever”  Moose Loop at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Steve Riggs

“Despite the glorious weather- the snow stayed cold, with V40 working great. Hopefully things hold up through the next few warm sunny days.” -Steve Riggs at West Bragg

After two weeks of lows in the minus double-digits, the temperatures have made a dramatic turnaround. 

Avalanche near the boat house at Emerald lake. Photo provided by the Kicking Horse Ski Club.

As usual, West Bragg Creek, Sandy McNabb and the Calgary golf courses will see the warmest weather but the angle of the sun is still low, so  let’s hope the snow survives until Saturday when it cools off and starts snowing again. Today’s trip reports indicated no significant deterioration of the snow. 

Places like Lake Louise, Yoho, and PLPP have no temperatures above zero in the forecast.

The Kicking Horse Ski Club in Yoho sent out an update with the photo of the avalanche near the boat house at Emerald Lake.  This reminded me to post the following:

Click for larger image

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