A nice day of aimless wandering

Kaitlyn at Lynx / Amos junction

I was talking with some skiers at the Lynx / Amos junction when I spotted the biggest smile up on the hill. I saw Kaitlyn’s happy grin all the way down the hill as she quickly descended to the junction.

Alex and Alexis from the Canadian Ski Patrol at the Amos – Lynx junction

Yesterday this blog also featured a Caitlin in the main photo. When I meet anyone named Kaitlyn, or Caitlin, or Kaitlin, or  Caitlyn, or  Kaytlin, Katelynne, Katelynn, Katelyn, Kaitlynn, Kaitlinne, Kaitlinn, Kaitlen, Kaitlan, Kaetlyn, I know now to ask the spelling!

The Pocaterra hut was a busy place today

I also met Alex and Alexis from the Canadian Ski Patrol at the Lynx/Amos junction which seemed to be the busiest intersection today. The busiest place, by far, was the Pocaterra hut. 

Pocaterra / Lynx junction

Before I get further into today’s skiing, did you take note of Adam’s trip report this morning from his ski on Skogan Pass last night? I wonder how many people have seen the lights of Canmore from the Skogan summit in the middle of winter. One? I’d be petrified to ski down that steep trail in the dark. Adam said it took him less than three hours for the return trip. Chuck might have a rival for “most remarkable ski trips.”


I had a good laugh from an innocent remark near the end of my ski. I was exchanging pleasantries with a group of skiers at the Amos/Wheeler junction when one of the ladies in the group asked if I was staying at William Watson Lodge. Heh! I must be looking old and tired after 19K. She was only off by a couple months in any event. 


I wasn’t planning on skiing very much in PLPP today, just a 12K loop in the north end from Pocaterra to the Discovery Centre(formerly known as the Visitor Centre) and back on a few trails which I hadn’t been on yet this winter. 

I ended up doing a lot more. At each junction, the sight of the good tracks keep pulling me further away. I skied on a few new trails including Meadow, Woolley, Lynx, Lodgepole, and Braille. I also did Pocaterra, Packers, and Wheeler.


All trails are in great shape. I encountered minor tree debris on some of the older grooming but nothing to be concerned about. Braille and Lodgepole, which haven’t seen grooming for eight days, have lots of fresh snow and mostly a skier-set track but it was fine. Who knows, they might get groomed tonight. 

A ski lesson taking place in front of the Pocaterra hut

The temperature was hovering around zero and it scared me into using my waxless zero skis which worked flawlessly. I had excellent grip and good glide(still not as good as on waxable skis). Most skiers I talked to were getting by on purple or red wax. I only saw one person scraping their skis at the side of the trail. I’m glad to see the forecast calling for cooler temperatures. 

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  1. Well Bob, You can reserve a cabin there in a few months and we can all pile in for a night of ski stories and debauchery!

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