Groomer’s truck stolen at West Bragg Creek

Hi Bob
Groomer Bill here!
Myself, Groomer Jeff and Groomer Dave were out grooming Telephone Loop yesterday afternoon. It was -20C and beautiful. The Loop is looking great, it should be a fun ski with few hazards.

Now to my story. We had just finished the grooming and started our vehicles to warm them up after a long day of sitting in the cold. Big mistake it turns out! At 4PM somebody drove to the parking lot in a “just” stolen car and ditched the car and stole my pickup truck. We were just around the corner inspecting our new Garage/work building. We were barely 5 minutes out of sight and the truck was gone!! We tried to blast into the hamlet but ran into the RCMP so flagged him down and gave him the details. The truck was a 2004 GMC 2500 Duramax Diesel Quad Cab with a cap over the bed. It’s tan-brown in colour. There are also two pair of skis: Fischer Skate skis( signed by Sara Renner) and Solomon Classic Skin Skis, as well as two pair of poles and 2 pair Solomon Boots (skate and classic). Let the police know if you see the truck or skis.

Lesson learned: don’t leave you car running to warm up without being locked! It can happen anywhere!! any time!!

Thanks for listening! Get out there and ski! It’s awesome out there!

Groomer Bill


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  1. A cheaper option for securing vehicles rather than installing a remote start kit: place a secured ‘club’ device on your steering wheel if left running while unattended.

    • Unfortunately there have been soooo many vehicle thefts in Canmore and the surrounding communities that there is ZERO stock of steering wheel locks, (Clubs) at Canadian Tire.

      Do not leave your vehicle unlocked for any length of time running or not in the Bow Valley.

      • That’s interesting. If you can wait a couple of weeks, there is a good selection of them available from Chinese sellers via Amazon or Ali.

        • That is really unfortunate to hear, however, this is why I have two sets of keys with me at all times. I can it still leave it locked while the engine is warming up.

          • A skilled thief can get into many locked vehicles within 15-30 seconds, so just locking an idling vehicle is little more than a minor deterrent.

            • That’s very true. That means the only convenient ways to safely leave an unattended vehicle running is with a remote start system, or a device that clamps the steering wheel.

              Remove the ‘convenient’ and that expands your options to chaining your vehicle to a tree (illegal in a National Park and perhaps elsewhere), using a Tri-Max wheel lock, or leaving a Pit Bull, pet skunk, venomous reptile, or spouse in the vehicle.

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