Packers is safe to descend

“Dads and daughters.” Pete, Caitlin, Yukina, and John at the Packers – Wheeler junction.

The four skiers in the above photo had just descended Packers and were still smiling. 

I skied Packers and a few other trails in the middle of Peter Lougheed Provincial Park for the first time this winter including Wheeler and Amos. All were in good condition. In fact, Wheeler and Amos were the fastest tracks of the day. 

Bart and Diana Piggott on Wheeler

I also skied on last night’s grooming on Whiskey Jack and Pocaterra. Excellent conditions but still a little soft.

We’ve already had a number of trip reports from PLPP. The warm weather has not affected the snow at all. The temperature at Elkwood Amphitheatre parking lot was -2 when I started around 2 pm. The thermometer at the PLPP Discovery Centre registered -3 when I stopped in to put on my boots. 

Upper Pocaterra

There were a couple minor bumps on Packers as I descended the first hill but nothing to get too concerned about. Maybe don’t take that first hill at full speed if you’re a bit wobbly on your skis like me. There was absolutely no ice flow at the sign that says “Ice Flow.”

Packers is in good condition. Just a few small bumps at the bottom of the first hill as you descend. No ice flow.

I had a lot of fun skiing along Wheeler because I met so many blog readers and trip reporters. First it was Julie and Jeff, then Diana Piggott and husband Bart. I enjoyed meeting the two ladies from Edmonton and a group from Winnipeg who were down for a few days of good skiing in our neighbourhood. Matt and Kevin went by in a blur but stopped long enough for me to take their photo.


It was nice seeing Pete Irwin, John, Yukina, and Caitlin at the Packers – Wheeler junction. Pete Irwin regularly submits trip reports and if you didn’t already know, he was the recipient of the 2017 Facility Enhancement Award given out by Alberta Parks. Pete has put in more hours rebuilding flood damaged trails than any other Kananaskis Country volunteer. Check the photos below to see Pete accepting his award. 

It took me a long time to go down Wheeler despite the fast tracks!

It looked like the tracksetter was heading towards Pocaterra as I left the park around 5 pm.

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  1. This will sound weird to those of you blessed with straight legs.
    I see that young skiing dad ‘John’ in Bob’s photo has legs similar to mine (unless I am terribly wrong with what I see).
    What ticks me off personally is that over my life I have had three arthroscopies on my knees but it wasn’t until three years ago that the geniuses at the famous clinic were wise enough to suggest custom orthotics. I went that route and am so thankful that I could cry.
    I hope that John is already using them, or if not, I strongly recommend going that route especially for one so young.
    Now, it still may not help staying off those outside edges, which makes it so painful for those of us thus inflicted to do a proper snowplow. For me it was always either a mediocre snowplow, or a one ski plow, or just using a hockey stop/skid when needed -)

    Good luck to young skiing dad John!

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