Saturday morning update

Good news! We just heard from Adam the downed tree on Elk Pass was cleared last night. 

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Tracksetting last night includes Pocaterra from the hut to the Packers junction, Lynx, Come-Along, and Rolly Road.

The single-track trails in the trees were trackset yesterday including Fox Creek, Boulton Creek, and Moraine.

Kananaskis Village

The Kananaskis Village trails were trackset yesterday.

Emerald Lake

Joe set tracks there yesterday–but not on the slushy lake! He’s planning on doing Field /Tally Ho/ Kicking Horse trail today–possibly a needed pass on the Connector now that we go some good snow–if he has time??

West Bragg Creek

The following report was submitted this morning by WBC Groomer Jeff:

Conditions virtually the same as our last report.

Classic tracks are generally icy throughout. Numerous trails should be avoided as they are hard and icy. These include Hostel Loop, Elbow Trail, Telephone, and Mountain View. Not recommended.

We did spend quite a bit of time renovating the classic tracks on Loggers on Jan. 19, 2018 with some success. They may be shallow in some areas however.

Without hydraulic tilling equipment, renovation of classic tracks is extremely difficult and time consuming, so please be patient in your expectations.

Skate Lanes on the other hand are in good shape. All have been renovated as of Jan.19, 2018. This includes core trails: East and West Crystal Lines, Sundog, Chickadee, Mountain Road, and Hostel Meadow. Caution should still be exercised on hills.

Shoulder update

More good news, I’m back to skiing with two poles! I had a cortisone injection eight days ago in my left shoulder and it has had a very positive effect. I didn’t have high expectations due to the severity of my condition, but I used two poles yesterday without any significant pain. I thought I would pay the price after skiing, but I feel good this morning and am looking forward to another wonderful day on the trails.

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