Sunday night update

I didn’t ski today, so I thought I’d post this remarkable photo from Nipika Mountain Resort’s Facebook page. It’s one of the few places where dogs are allowed to run off leash on the ski trails. 

Speaking of dog-friendly ski trails, we haven’t had a report yet from Sundance Canyon, Healy Creek, and Brewster Creek. Has anyone skied there?

Thanks for all the weekend trip reports. We have almost escaped this warm spell without too much damage. It sounds like the snow in the city is taking a beating from the warm weather, but seems to be hanging on fairly well everywhere else. The weather forecast is predicting snow and cooler temperatures, but not bitter cold, just nice skiing weather. 

Readers have been posting glowing reports about Nipika in the past few days, so I’d like to mention that Nipika still has openings in their Ski Week event which starts on Jan 14. 

Coming up on Jan 27 and 28th is the Nipika Loppet
Lifesport is hosting a wax clinic on Jan 17 with instructor Graham McLean, former World Cup wax technician with the Canadian Ski Team. Check the website for more details Lifesport wax clinic
Emerald Connector

The Kicking Horse Ski Club provided this update regarding the Emerald Connector:

Yesterday—Joe and Bruce—along with the help of Michael Furfaro Jr. & David Allen—managed to push through the entire length of the Connector!


Our own logging crew working the blowdowns of last summer— the boys put in some 40 MAN-HOURS of cutting and removing of fallen trees! The worse shape we have seen the trail in since it was put in —circa early ’90’s!
We will inform you when we have enough snow to set a track and that it is safe to ski.
It remains an “intermediate to advanced trail”—especially the new steeper section close to the Natural Bridge.

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  1. We skied Bill Milne yesterday with our dog but had to move our starting location from Kovach pond to Mt. Kidd parking lot. The section from Kovach is in pretty bad shape after you get across the river. There is a lot of flooding in there lower area and the track is all but gone. From Mt. Kidd we skied back towards the golf course and the track is still in great shape, the track is also in good shape from Mt. Kidd out towards Wedge.

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